Zong Ning Super 2 billion 200 million glory of the real Internet mobile phone secured the first bran superrecovery

Zong Ning: the first brand super 2 billion 200 million glory sit real Internet mobile phone technology Sohu annual double eleven, mobile phone wars are the most watched, because in the double eleven year millet had a record of fame, but that was three years ago, and in 2016 this year, the glory of double 11 new heights, the total sales volume of 2 billion 200 million, won the Jingdong Android + Tmall mobile phone sales champion, more than second millet 100 million! In just a few years, after the first glory, can be done by the most successful emerging mobile phone brands. Glory stick to the end, do not give up the bottom line before, is not a single brush in Tmall, double eleven to the last moment there will always be a very interesting case, behind the old have to catch up, finally got the first name. So leave a word, eleven and a half hours before the new brand brush is to host, half an hour old brand brush is for dignity. This year, the promise is not a single brush glory, the whole live Tmall double eleven background data, to ensure a true feedback data. This shows the glory in brand confidence has surpassed the sales of this name, but the brand really established in the minds of consumers. The integrity of the Internet model for the glory of the rise in the industry is a myth, first started relatively late, but now it is only three years later than the main competitors late. Secondly, the outside has a strong old and new opponents do not say, glory can stand out in such a strong pressure, apparently because of their core values. The glory is put forward three new concept concept in the double eleven, to create a character, quality, grade eleven, refused to price line, win by brand and quality. This is the point of honor and the price of mobile phones to distinguish between the open, but also makes the glory in the pursuit of quality on the road, a lot of success, in the 2500 file of mobile phone sales, in the major platforms have maintained a leading. In fact, the competition is nothing more than manufacturers, on the surface is the price of the dispute, the middle is the development of the dispute, the long-term view is the value of the dispute. Glory eventually become a leader in the battle of smart phones, by virtue of the fact that more of this product and brand requirements and adhere to. Not opportunistic, not to engage in special gimmick, although sometimes honest people will suffer, but from the perspective of long-term brand building, it is of great value. However, the glory of the marketing is actually very commendable, whether it is cross-border marketing or youth culture, have highlighted the young and dynamic, but it does not give people the feeling of cheap. This atmosphere is calm, or the price of mobile phones can not learn. The biggest opportunity is the upgrading of consumption in spite of cost-effective mobile phone, mobile phone has created a lot of 100 yuan of sales, but can not represent the mobile phone industry in the future, this is also a lot of once popular brand flagging. The mobile phone is more and more role in people’s life, and consumer demand for mobile phone is more high. The price is no longer the core problem, the quality of the product and the brand tonality, has become an important reference index for the user to choose the phone. The persistence of glory is that it finally came to this day, with the glory of the mobile phone technology is getting more and more sophisticated, more and more system optimization.相关的主题文章: