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Xi’an quality supervision started "double random publication" random supervision mode, "arbitrary law enforcement" and "willful law enforcement" how to avoid? In September 27th, under the witness of a number of media, the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau held a "random inspection" ceremony of "key industrial products production license granted enterprises", which means that the Municipal Quality Supervision Department "double random publication" spot check supervision mode officially started. Reporters learned that by the end of 2017, the city will implement the regulatory model in full swing. In September 27th, the Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision held a "random inspection" ceremony for "key industrial products production license obtaining enterprises". A total of 12 production enterprises and 12 law enforcement inspectors were randomly selected from the local media representatives in our city. It is understood that, from 28 onwards, the 12 law enforcement officers will be divided into 6 groups of 12 production enterprises for spot checks. To take a written examination, field verification, checks the performance of product quality responsibility of quality and safety risks, the main products of the enterprise and the degree of realization of two categories with 19 items of content. The enterprise’s illegal activities checked out will be transferred to the quality supervision department of the enterprise for investigation and filing, and timely announce the results to the public. Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau deputy director Zhang Libang introduction, "a randomized, double open random mechanism is through two random Yaohao way, in the main market directory random inspection object, in the inspection of law enforcement personnel in the library to check the implementation of selected random inspection of law enforcement personnel, public law checks or checks work mechanism and results. The benefits of this random net check can not only give the law enforcement personnel "tight hoop"". For example, can not think how to check on how to check, "see who dislike" to check, just to find fault, "who has" relax check, turn a blind eye. At the same time, the enterprise also hung a sword, so that enterprises dare not luck, adventure violations, enhance law-abiding consciousness. It is understood that, in order to regulate the random pumping work fair ", quality supervision departments and relevant personnel implementation of double random release mode requires pumping work should be in random work, or to invite representatives of the public, media reporters, NPC deputies and CPPCC members and other specific implementation. In addition, the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau clearly in the 9-11 months of this year, the first pilot to carry out 3 random sampling matters, in December this year, 3 pilot matters were summarized and evaluated, on the basis of summing up experience, in 2017, the implementation of "double random, open" supervision work. Note: video only for extended reading. Quality supervision spot checks "destroy flying business market scale"

西安质监启动“双随机一公布”抽查监管模式“随意执法”、“任性执法”如何避免?9月27日,在多家媒体的见证下,市质监局举行了“重点工业产品生产许可获证企业”随机抽查抽号仪式,这也意味着市级质监部门“双随机一公布”抽查监管模式正式启动。记者获悉,到2017年底,全市将全面推行该监管模式。9月27日,市质监局举行了“重点工业产品生产许可获证企业” 随机抽查抽号仪式。随机抽取的12家生产企业和12名执法检查人员,均由我市部分媒体代表现场抽取产生。据了解,28日起,这12名执法人员将分6组分别对12家生产企业进行抽查。将采取书面检查、实地核查等方式,对主要产品质量安全风险程度、企业履行产品质量主体责任的情况和实现程度等两大项19小项内容进行抽查。抽查出的企业违法行为将移交企业所在地的质监部门立案查处,及时向社会公布查处结果。市质监局副局长张立邦介绍,“双随机、一公开”抽查机制,就是通过两次随机摇号的方式,在市场主体名录库中随机抽取检查对象、在执法检查人员库中随机选派执法检查人员实施检查,依法公开抽查情况或查处结果的抽查工作机制。这种随机撒网式检查的好处,既能给执法人员戴上“紧箍”。比如不能想怎么查就怎么查,“看谁不顺眼”就去检查,随便找茬,“跟谁有关系”就放松检查,睁一只眼闭一只眼。同时也给企业头上悬了一把剑,使企业不敢心存侥幸、冒险违规,增强守法自觉性。据了解,为了规范随机抽查抽号工作公平,“双随机一公布”模式要求抽号工作应由不参加随机抽查工作的质监部门相关人员具体实施,或邀请市民代表、媒体记者、人大代表、政协委员等具体实施。另外,市质监局明确在今年9-11月,先行试点开展3项随机抽查事项,今年12月对3项试点事项进行总结评估,在总结经验的基础上,2017年全面推行“双随机、一公开”监管工作。注:视频仅为扩展阅读。 质监突击检查市场 商家飞身”毁秤“相关的主题文章: