Winter maintenance tips washing machine freeze running man 20130908

Winter maintenance tips: washing machine "freeze"? In winter, the temperature dropped sharply, there is no indoor heating in the case of the washing machine is likely to be frozen, so not only affect our normal use, but also may lead to washing machine parts damage. So how do we solve the problem when we find our own washing machine frozen? May wish to take a look at it. · how to defrost the washing machine? Methods: in a washing machine to thaw, should first cut off the power washing machine, avoid the risk of leakage occurs during operation, open the water pipe, the washing machine residual water discharge pipe, if the ice is not much, can be removed; the washing machine is placed in a relatively high temperature, such as Chaoyang the direction of these balcony strong light place, if you do not intend to use for a long time can be placed for a period of time, until the internal ice melting nature again after use. Method two: this way there will be some risk, we close the outlet valve, then hot water into the frozen place can make ice melting quickly, but do not need to pay attention to kuangguan pot, or may machine will malfunction. Wait until the water temperature is reduced, the ice will be removed after the removal of water, if there are broken ice inside, repeat operation can be.相关的主题文章: