Win the game combined with the magic to open the first scheduled iphone7 channel w-inds.

Win the game combined with the magic to open the first iPhone7 channel reservation original title: 7 to be long, victory in advance! The early morning of September 8th, the global fruit powder Apple’s highly anticipated new conference ended, Apple’s latest models iPhone7 official show come out. Cash for fruit powder is not already excited mood.according mood, want to immediately start their new love? They went to grab the spot? Don’t worry about it! Victory games have jointly launched the "7 magic like the long-awaited victory ahead" theme activities, iPhone7 officially opened the world’s first spot booking channel, let you become the world’s first show of powder.   7 have been long, victory in advance! To win the game today, the official mall registered as users can participate in the world’s first iPhone7 victory spot panic buying activity, the fastest one week for a spot, the victory is quick step. The time for the event from September 8th to September 15th, the success of the game promises to sell the activities of the iPhone7 phones are official national line, and the price is consistent with the official apple. Further more iPhone7 to commemorate the first package: Apple commemorative edition commemorative T-shirt, sweater, commemorative edition mobile phone shell. As a faithful fruit powder, absolutely not to be missed.   7 have long been the opportunity, you echocardiography? It’s better to act quickly. Apple’s official requirements, each user can only buy a mobile phone. But even so, in the face of the powder army go forward with great strength and vigour to victory, the mall inventory unable to resist sustain the blows. A limited number of first come first served! What are you waiting for? Immediately landing victory game mall, buy your iPhone7. Baidu search keywords victory game can find us, or scan the two-dimensional code below, pay attention to the official WeChat game victory, to learn more about the event.相关的主题文章: