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Web-Hosting SharePoint is the latest in collaboration technology, which improves the productivity and efficiency. SharePoint integrates well with MS Exchange and other Microsoft business applications and tools. Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services helps your team share and manage information and documents in a Web site. Most of us know the benefit of hosting a website with a hosting company. Some of us also know the power of hosted Exchange and how it has drastically changed our day-to-day communication and the way we interact with our business associates. SharePoint adds a new dimension to this revolutionary way of communication; collaboration and interaction. It includes tools for document management, calendaring, and workflow. Key Features: Improve Productivity: Use the simple collaborative tools of SharePoint and help your users connect and exchange information/resources they need. Integration: Most of the Microsoft Office System programs and integrated. This integration makes it easier for your users to use the system quickly. File Sharing: You can use advanced features of SharePoint Services for storage and retrieval of documents. Use the "Check In/Check Out" facility while making changes to the file that is stored centrally and accessed by all users. Revert to previous version of the document. Scalability: You can manage/configure Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 from a web browser or command line utilities. You don’t need to install any huge and complicated application on your desktop to connect and configure SharePoint Services 3.0. Manage your servers and sites using rich features of Microsoft .NET framework. Manage Documents: You can manage the documents more effectively. You can control user level access for documents- you can define which documents can be access by which user. Users can access one version of the file and make changes. You have the ability to view the revisions and restore it to previous versions. Use template based solutions: Use application templates for customization. Secure your business information: SharePoint provides advanced business controls. Using these advanced controls you can secure your information. It allows you to set permissions even down to the document or item level About the Author: Adrian Gates ( [email protected] ) is a Business Manager with Apps4Rent (..apps4rent../sharepoint.html); which offers premium hosted Exchange, Microsoft sharepoint services, SharePoint 2007 web hosting and other application hosting services. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: