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Fitness-Equipment Steve Slaton is one rookie worth watching out for. He decided to be a part of 2008 NFL draft despite his dismal performance in the latter part of his college football career. That was indeed a risk but he was picked on the third round by the Houston Texans. Who is Steve Slaton exactly? Before the 2008 NFL draft, he played running back for West Virginia Mountaineers. A series of events caused his pronouncement to be drafted without finishing his senior year season. The first reason would be the injuries that he sustained on his right wrist which made him fumble several times. He had to carry the ball on his left hand most of the time. Another reason is the sudden departure of then Coach Rich Rodriguez to move to University of Michigan. It was then that Slaton pursued the move to NFL. Slaton’s rise after the wrist injury was just one of the many challenges that he had to over.e since he was a child until he made it the National Football League. When he was a young boy, he had an ear condition which nearly caused deafness. He had to lip read and a medical procedure done when he was six years old solved that problem. In high school, he got into the school’s football team in his first year there then went on to earn an MVP award and other recognitions throughout the rest of his stay at the Conwell-Egan Catholic High School. He made several school records for football and the same time he was also in the track team. His college football career was supposed to start with Maryland but when the scholarship offer did not push through he entered West Virginia instead though he had offers from other universities. During his stint in college, he was able to amass several recognitions until that time when he was injured. Now with the Houston Texans, he started out as third running back after A. Green and C. Brown. His performance in the preseason games made him surge forward and to second in the depth chart. This was maintained until the regular season started. On his second week, he made his first touchdown on his NFL career. This was at the expense of the Tennessee Titans. In the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, he made two touchdowns. This impressive play made a mark on the onset of his first NFL season. If he keeps on playing this way, then football fans are witnessing the emergence of another star. At present, he is on the forefront of the rookie running backs because of his achievement of eight touchdowns. Of all rookies, he is at third place with his 904 yards. This is just the start of his career at the National Football League, a lot more challenges will be met and obstacles to be hurdled. It was West Virginia Mountaineers’ lose and Houston Texans gain. Slaton may be a rookie but his notable entry to the NFL has been earned him the attention of everybody. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: