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Wenzhou 1 husband decided to donate a kidney to his wife after surgery, the couple decided to open a fruit shop Chen Lingyun and his wife Li Mulun have been married for 15 years. 3 years ago, his wife was diagnosed with uremia, the end of May this year, Chen Lingyun deceive all people, go to the hospital to do a test. That wife and blood pairing is successful, he decided to donate a kidney to his wife. The day before yesterday, to complete the transplant of Li Mulun after nearly a month of follow-up after discharged, the husband and wife transplant story finally have a happy ending. In November 7th 9 in the morning, Chen Lingyun looked anxiously waited at the isolation ward of the First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical transplantation, see. A moment later, his wife Li Mulun smiled towards him. This month, for isolation and treatment, two people seldom meet. Li Mulun looks good. To see her husband, early in the morning, she had long hair high cupped hands to ward the mirror and light, until one side of the nurse said she looks pretty rosy, this assured. Speaking of her husband Chen Lingyun’s intimate, appear a little shame, Li Mulun will face she said: "every day he would chat with my video, to my home, let me talk to her." The body into a husband’s kidney, she felt as one with her husband. After the surgery, before Chen Lingyun could not continue the work of a carpenter. Before the operation, finally a carpenter he did live, is a cupboard. He said his wife, after the surgery, there are many things to do, so the cabinet gave her. Chen Lingyun said, "thank you very much for the social from all walks of life and health care for our love and support, received nearly 150 thousand yuan donation. We will make good use of these funds. Without your help, we would not have today." Director of Department of renal transplantation the First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University Dr. Xia Peng said: "this operation is successful, they are doing well, but so far the cost of them is not great. Chen Lingyun was discharged after 3 to 6 months after can do some light work." Chen Lingyun said, for the future of life, he has to good. They are ready to open a fruit shop, he is responsible for the purchase, the wife is responsible for store.

温州1丈夫毅然捐肾给妻子 手术后夫妻俩决定开家水果店   陈凌云和妻子李牡伦结婚15年。3年前,妻子被查出患有尿毒症,今年5月底,陈凌云瞒着所有人,去医院做了检测。得知和妻子血型配对成功,他决定捐肾给妻子。   前天,完成移植手术的李牡伦在经过近一个月的后续治疗后,顺利出院,这个夫妻换肾的故事终于有了一个圆满的结局。   11月7日上午9点,陈凌云一脸焦急地守在温医附一医院移植科的隔离病房外,望眼欲穿。片刻之后,妻子李牡伦微笑着朝他走来。这一个月来,因为隔离治疗,两人很少见面。   李牡伦看上去状态不错。要见老公了,一大早,她就用手将长发高高拢起,对着病房里的镜子照了又照,直到一旁的护士说她脸色红润,气色很好看这才放心。   说起丈夫陈凌云的贴心,李牡伦的脸上会出现一丝羞涩,她说:“他每天都会跟我视频聊天,给我看家里的情况,让我跟女儿说话。”身体内植入了一颗老公的肾,她感觉自己与丈夫成为了一体。   手术后,陈凌云不能再继续之前的木匠工作。手术前,他做的最后一个木工活,是一个柜子。他说,妻子手术后,有很多东西要放,因此做了这个柜子送给她。   陈凌云说,“很感谢社会各界爱心人士和医护人员对我们夫妻的关爱和支持,收到了近15万元善款。我们将会好好利用这些善款。没有大家的帮助,就没有我们的今天。”   温州医科大学附属第一医院肾移植科主任医师夏鹏说:“这次手术比较成功,他们都恢复得不错,而且到目前为止他们的花费也不是很大。陈凌云出院后3到6个月后就能干些轻微的活了。”   陈凌云说,对于未来的生活,他已经想好了。他们准备开一家水果店,他负责进货,妻子负责看店。相关的主题文章: