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Philosophy AP Super Bowl after the hand, AC Milan, will start a short vacation home, but "X Mr." speculation continues. In Beijing, Galliani and Florentino meetings, raises speculation that the return of Kaka and "Milan News" Mazha La is revealed that Kaka received a friend sent him to the message that says cheap soccer jersey ".e back this summer, is the time." But really this summer Kaka AC Milan will return to it? Galliani does not appear, at least in the. And that of Florentino’s meeting, Galliani made a return to Milan after the answer, he said: "I just Florentino on Friday and took breakfast together, but this is only a friend The private meeting between not talking about the transfer, nor to discuss the return of Kaka at the economic level, this is not allowed, I have already said several times.At the same time, Galliani also stressed Kaka age, "From now on, the players over the age of 30, will receive one-year contract extension." Kaka believes that the same is not an acceptable condition. Kaka did not return to the conditions, then Fabregas with Italian Serie A Soccer Jersey it? AC Milan returned to Milan, there were about 200 fans in Malta Ponza airport transfer, as Galliani out surrounded by fans when he shouted "buy Fabregas! Buy Fabregas." , Galliani fans said: "We proved to be the first team in Italy!" When the fans face to face when asked about Fabregas, had denied the introduction of Cesc Fabregas Galliani, this time actually did not deny, "ah, oh …" Galliani vague boundary. As Federer said: "On Fabregas, as long as he does not sign one day and Barcelona, AC Milan, there is hope." In the Super Cup the same day, Arsenal, Barcelona has just rejected another offer, the chairman of Arsenal Hill – Wood, said: "Fabregas must be for the value of his offer." Fabregas did not travel to Portugal for training and .petition, Wenger a "physical condition, but off," the official reason for making such explained, but everyone knows which is AC Milan Jerseys how, Fabregas will certainly move, Barcelona great hope, but "free" the reporter said Biya Xin said: "Wenger and Barcelona high-level relations are very tension, if the price of Bi Basa AC Milan slightly below, he is also willing to transfer to AC Milan Cesc Fabregas. " Apart from Cesc Fabregas outside the law and Kaka, Alberto Aquilani and Montolivo these two names are also frequently mentioned, AC Milan, Beijing, Aquilani’s agent has said publicly that Ayman al-Australia to wait for additional Liya Ni came back from Beijing after the discussion, and Montolivo’s agent Brian Tonkinese is disclosed between AC Milan and Fiorentina are AC Milan Soccer Shirt negotiating for the two men, Gattuso, vice captain, said: "Maybe Aquila Nepal will quickly adapt to AC Milan, after all, we had a tacit understanding in the national team, of course, he and Montolivo are very good and creative players. " About the Author: 相关的主题文章: