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Arts-and-Entertainment Formula for creating inexpensive baby shower gift ideas… Uh-oh, you have just been invited to a baby shower and you have no idea where to begin and what to do. Although you are very excited and happy for the mother to be, now you feel at a loss on what to do. So with nowhere to begin you begin to look for ideas for gifts. Not wanting to break your wallet or feel "cheap," you look at investing your creative talents into some things that when finished will make a bold statement about how you invested much of your hard earned time into a wonderful masterpiece to be certainly remembered and cherished for years to .e. So, does this describe where you are at right now; you are searching all over the worldwide web and any other place you can think of only to .e up with a bunch of fluff and worthless information? You strive to be different and stand out? You want to make feel as though somehow your presence at the party has made a difference in the overall atmosphere of the baby shower? At your wits end and ready to just give up or maybe you have a little more "umpph" left? But one thing is for sure, you are ready to materialize the first thing that fits your standards with an overwhelming satisfaction. Think about what it would be like if you could bring the mother-to-be friends to her party who are out of geographic reasoning. Well, since you are reading this on the web, you have the power in front of you that you may not even realize. It is called Myspace, and you may have already heard of it. Although the possibilities are endless with using this application for the baby shower, we will focus on using it for an online scrapbook of the event as a gift for the mother and father. Not only will you be able to setup pictures of the shower and related events, you can add video an audio as well much easier than you ever thought. Then it will be very easy for all friends and relatives of the mother to enjoy the on line scrapbook regardless of where they are geographically. Here’s the lowdown.. 1. Set up a Myspace profile. You do this by going to the site and following the simple directions listed on the home page. If you have a baby picture of some sort or a picture on the mother, this is what should be used for the profile picture. -in the "headline" box, this is where you will enter something to the effort of "Tina Marie’s First Baby Shower." Whatever headline will fit the Shower best. 2. Find out if friends or relatives also had a Myspace profile. This way, it will be easier for them to .municate with the mother-to-be and the actual event. The reason why is because myspace has a "bulletin" feature. You are able to post a bulletin and anybody who is added to the "friends" list will be able to read the bulletin. The bulletins can carry such topics as expected due dates, baby names, and other related information. 3. And last but not least Myspace also offers a blogging platform. This is where you can record up to the events and information on the baby shower, the baby, and the parents. Anybody who is online will be able to participate. As you can see technology offers the creative person the opportunity to create a living gift. And it’s something that can last for ever, and constantly be updated. As you learn more about the world’s most popular blogging platform, you are only limited by your imagination to what you can do. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: