U.S. VR hardware and software revenue will reach $38 billion after 10 years govos

The United States VR soft hardware revenue after 10 years will reach $38 billion in Figure 1: SONY Playstation VR Phoenix Technology News Beijing on November 2nd news, according to foreign media reports, the virtual reality (VR) industry research firm Greenlight Insights estimates, the U.S. VR market will gradually increase in the next two years, then began to accelerate, the scale will reach $38 billion 2026. Greenlight’s 10 year outlook for the VR market was released at the VR strategic meeting in San Francisco. These revenues are expected to be part of this outlook. "Enter the Playstation VR sale and Microsoft is an important event in the VR industry, but we have found many important changes, these changes are expected to development will change the entire VR industry," Greenlight CEO Clifton · (Clifton Dawson); Dawson said in a statement, wearing the device connected with other equipment from now the need to move towards independence, a global market will be launched 5G network, VR expanded use in non entertainment areas, which will accelerate the development of VR market after 2020." Figure 2: the United States VR industry revenue trends in the next 10 years to 2026, the hardware will occupy approximately $61% of total VR revenue in the United states. Greenlight expects that by 2026, 360 degree panoramic spherical camera or VR camera market revenue will be close to $4 billion 600 million.         Greenlight’s forecast includes 9 categories and 26 sub categories, including headset, VR cameras and other hardware, consumer oriented content, enterprise content, commercial production, tools, and services based on the location of the experience. "Many have predicted for the VR industry observers are highly optimistic," Greenlight senior vice president Stephen · Marshall (Stephen Marshall) said, "in the rapid development of the industry, the most useful prediction reflects very different VR, AR and MR (mixed reality), and unique the characteristics of the use and market driving force. Greenlight is based on this principle made the above forecast." (compile Xiao rain)相关的主题文章: