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Topic: you are optimistic about the domestic adaptation of the manga and the live version of you do not know the relationship is now the novel, film and television drama writers suck, diffuse change can cause strong repercussions in the live version of marvel in the United States each time, the recent "strange doctor" will win the good evaluation. The Japanese side will also be changed to see the real version of a trend, has also recently released the "Ya" launched a live version of the news. In such a situation, in recent years, the relevant domestic institutions seem to have to follow the trend of the road. For example, now there is a dry matter sister! Small buried "will be adapted for the news of domestic film and television drama. So you are optimistic about the domestic adaptation of the Japanese version of the daily life? In today’s topic, let’s talk. [point of view: good, this may be a major opportunity to enhance the influence of animation] Perhaps there have been a lot of anime fans did not look at the domestic TV drama for a long time, right? If you want to ask the reason, many people will answer "story is boring and stereotyped" actor who is nothing more than a small meat, not acting will be speculation scandal ". However, if according to the Japanese anime adaptation of the film and television drama debut, then anyway, we will go to see it? This is somewhat similar to some time ago, the game adaptation of the TV series. Like a sword as well as a sword and a sword, at least when the broadcast triggered a strong reaction. This is also a good opportunity to expand the popularity of the game. Now the domestic animation has not been able to adapt to the real version (but perhaps not far) of the IP, then the first day with a higher visibility to test the water, perhaps a good choice. And such works once aired or released, then in addition to the work itself, its original may also lead to a lot of non animation fans attention. As a result, the influence of animation can also be further improved, can be said to be a big positive. If this approach can be successful, then the future will not only have the opportunity to see more of the day of the adaptation of the debut of the work, but also to reverse the domestic public opinion on the animation = childish bias. After all, in addition to those children for the work of the outside, a lot of late night stalls diffuse are more adult, even if adults look, do not have to think about it. Wait until the impact of the promotion of the animation, then the domestic practitioners will have a better treatment, which led to the rise of the country. There’s a little bit of excitement about it! View two: good, because it will solve the embarrassment of the lack of domestic film and television drama is now a lot of people in the domestic film and television circles complain that it is too difficult to do a good job. Especially in the script, the story is not so easy to find, and some producers will be more cost at the invitation of actors and speculation, led to a writer but not too many benefits. As a result, the quality of the script is naturally worrying. However, compared to the introduction of Japan to carry out adaptation, it will greatly ease the problem of shortage of script. Recently announced the production of dry matter sister! Small "buried as an example, this work for the stage by the daily social workers, with brother, all good bestie story is the female students in high school. But there is no a lot of domestic TV dramas, tear forced intrigue, is that some people looked very cure and hilarious plot]相关的主题文章: