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Vacation-Rentals In the United States and other parts of the world, most .monly found in vacation areas, timeshare is be.ing more and more popular. Timeshare is also known as vacation ownership in some areas of the world. It is one of the fastest growing segments of the leisure and vacation industry. People are saying that in todays society this is the way to go when thinking about going a vacation. There are more than seven million timeshare households worldwide today. However, there are still those people around the world who are unfamiliar wit the term timeshare. They have no idea of what it is or how it works, therefore they are skeptical about spending their money on timeshare. They opt for hotels for their vacations. People are unaware of the fact that that can live in a .plete home while on vacation. Timeshare itself has been defined as the right and joint ownership of a resort property shared with others. You may wonder how this would work if there were more than one owner of the home. Who stays there and who owns it? Well, the main thing with timeshare is that each owner buys the home for a certain period of time. Therefore they are planning in advance when they will be staying at this location and when their time is up they must vacate the property. There can be several owners of one home. It all depends on how much time each owner wishes to purchase. For example, one owner could purchase the home for six months. The remaining six months could be divided up equally between six more owners, therefore there are seven people who own this home in total. They are sharing the time in which they can live on this property, hence the name timeshare. Timeshare has been called others things such as vacation exchange, holiday ownership, multi-ownership. It is perfect cause this is a full vacation home, without the worry of upkeep and maintenance as there is someone who takes care of everything. This person makes sure that all repairs are done and the house is maintained while there is no one there and in between residents. It is an ideal for families who are on vacation. Why worry about cramped hotel room and campers when you have your own home while on vacation? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: