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Three Shaanxi youth addiction knife robbery arrested fled Dongguan Guangzhou daily news (reporter Xie Yingjun correspondent Zhang Zhongling, Zhang Yunfeng) Shaanxi 3 teenagers jiancaiqiyi, to raise fees actually a knife robbed shopkeeper, stole 4000 yuan fled to Dongguan. They are ready to go to the Huizhou in Changping Dongguan and Huizhou City Rail Station, police were on duty to see the flaws. Yesterday, reporters learned from the police department, Shaanxi City, Weinan province "11· 3" robbery 3 suspects arrested in Dongguan, they have been transferred to the police for further investigation of the incident. 3 teenagers were captured suspects 13 days this month at 7:50 PM, Huicheng Dongguan rail Changping station in front of the Huizhou Railway Police Department Changping station police station is for patrol inspection work station — the last Qing from Changping east to Xiaojinkou intercity train departure time will be C7947 at 8 o’clock. At this point, 3 students looked like the boy ran out of breath into Changping East station. When they met the police, they were stunned and turned away. The police quickly came and questioned, 3 boys hesitated and said: "we want to take the last train to Huizhou back to school." When the police asked where the school and asked to produce student documents, they immediately panic, saying only carrying identity cards. The police of the 3 ID card for verification, it is found that the Shaanxi city of Weinan province "11· major crime suspect 3" robbery, was immediately captured. According to the investigation, 3 boys named Wang (16 years old), more than one (17 years old), Zhao (18 years old), are all Shaanxi, Weinan, Linwei District people. To raise net charge of robbery and assault fled to Dongguan 3 teenagers accountable, they are junior high school students, parents are farmers, family more distress, but they are addicted to online games, the desire to learn, finally simply drop every day mixed in Internet cafes playing games in. The parents were so disappointed that they cut their economic resources directly. No money into Internet cafes can not play the game, so they wanted to approach the money, initially to take a part-time job to earn some living expenses, but they always have Internet addiction. 3 this month, 19 PM, when Wang in a store in Weinan city of Shaanxi to buy things, see the shop owner Qinmou was counting money, Wang from the greed. Wang ran back to the Internet bar with more than one, Zhao two people consulted, decided to implement robbery. At 9 o’clock in the evening, pedestrians on the streets became scarce, and 3 people broke into stores with knives bought from nearby shops. After the shop owner Qin resistance, more than a knife in his body stabbed more than 10 knives, until it can not move. Wang and Zhao Mouze in the store to grab carry off all that one has more than 4000 yuan in cash, and a mobile phone, then three people fled the scene. Qin, who was seriously injured and recovered, immediately called the police and rushed to the scene to send him to hospital for emergency treatment. After several rescue, Qin out of the danger of life. According to the video surveillance in the vicinity and the store, the police quickly locked 3 suspects. The 3 teenagers carried more than 4000 yuan to Yunnan, Dali, and spent a few days eating and drinking in Dali. So they took the car to Guangdong, Dongguan, looking for jobs, but did not find the right job. Up to 1 pairs

陕西三名网瘾少年持刀抢劫 潜逃东莞被捕广州日报讯(记者谢英君通讯员张中铃、张云峰)陕西3名“网瘾少年”见财起意,为筹网费竟持刀抢劫商店老板,劫走4000多元后潜逃至东莞。天网恢恢,他们在莞惠城轨常平东站准备坐车去惠州时,被值班民警看出破绽。昨日,记者从警方处获悉,陕西省渭南市“11·3”抢劫案的3名嫌犯在东莞落网,他们已被移交案发地警方作进一步审理。截获3名少年竟是在逃嫌犯本月13日晚上7时50分许,莞惠城轨常平东站门前,惠州铁路公安处常平东站派出所民警正在做清站前的巡逻检查工作——最后一趟由常平东开往小金口的城际列车C7947次将于8时整点发车。此时,3名学生模样的男孩跑得气喘吁吁进入常平东站。当他们见到警察时,先是一愣,随即欲转身离去。民警迅速上前盘问,3名男孩支支吾吾地说:“我们要坐最后一趟去惠州的车赶回学校。”当民警问起哪所学校并要求出示学生证件时,他们顿时慌了神,表示只携带了身份证。民警对3人的身份证进行核查,发现正是陕西省渭南市“11·3”抢劫案的重大作案嫌疑人,于是立即将其擒获。经查,3名男孩分别名叫王某(16岁)、多某(17岁)、赵某(18岁),均系陕西省渭南市临渭区人。为筹网费抢劫伤人逃至东莞3名少年交代,他们都是初中同学,父母均在农村务农,家境较为窘迫,但他们却迷上了网络游戏,无心向学,最后干脆辍学天天混在网吧里玩游戏。父母知道后失望至极,直接切断了他们的经济来源。没钱进网吧玩不了游戏,于是他们就想办法找钱,起初还去打零工赚些生活费,但上网成瘾的他们总是捉襟见肘。本月3日19时许,当王某在陕西渭南市某商店买东西时,看见商店老板秦某正在数钱,王某起了贪念。王某跑回网吧与多某、赵某两人商议后,决定实施抢劫。当晚9时许,街上行人渐渐稀少,3人持着在附近商店买来的刀闯入商店。在遭到商店老板秦某抵抗后,多某持刀在他身上乱捅了十多刀,直至其不能动弹。王某和赵某则在商店内翻箱倒柜,抢得现金4000余元及手机一部,随后三人逃离现场。身负重伤苏醒过来的秦某立即报警,赶到现场的民警将他紧急送往医院抢救。几经抢救,秦某脱离了生命危险。根据附近和店内的视频监控,警方迅速锁定了3名犯罪嫌疑人。这3名少年携带抢来的4000余元连夜逃往云南大理,在大理吃喝游玩了几天后身上的钱所剩无几。于是,他们乘汽车逃往广东东莞找工作,但没有找到合适的岗位。到13日,3人决定前往广东惠州市仲恺区寻找工作,本以为“晚上警察都下班了,坐车没人查验”。可当他们匆匆赶到常平东站时,还是被当值的民警擒获。目前,3名犯罪嫌疑人正待移交案发地警方作进一步审理。注:视频仅为扩展阅读。 网瘾少年持刀抢劫 服务员机智应对相关的主题文章: