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Business For a country which only ranks as the world’s 154th largest, Israel attracts a disproportionate amount of attention on the world stage, because of the strained circumstances which led to its foundation, and which continue to surround it to this day. Nevertheless, it has become an important economic power, and a highly industrialised economy, which plays a vital role in the economic welfare of the Middle East region, where its highly industrialised economy is an important engine for trade throughout the area. The country has developed a strong basic economy, which helped it weather the international economic downturn of 2008-9 relatively well. Its prosperity is heavily based on its manufacturing and exports, principal among which are computer software, engineering machinery, agricultural products, chemicals and textiles. The country is also a significant worldwide producer of refined, cut diamonds, although the raw stones are imported from elsewhere. While the United States is the country’s main source of imported goods, several European countries, including Germany, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland, have strong exporting ties with Israel. And worldwide, the diaspora of Jewish people spread around the world means that demand for reliable and cost-effective Israel delivery services is, and will remain, high. That is especially the case as many of these people have gone on to establish highly successful businesses, and will often look to their native country when they need to import products or raw materials their enterprises need. Sending goods to Israel to meet the requirements of this significant economy the world’s 52nd largest as measured in 2010 is straightforward from almost anywhere in the world. The country has an advanced transport infrastructure, with its main access points being international airports near the country’s largest city, Tel Aviv, and the southern port city of Eilat. This last city is also a busy arrival point for goods from the Far East, while other ports on the Mediterranean coast, principally Haifa and Ashdod, benefit from natural deep-water harbours which have made them highly important arrival points for goods from Europe and North America. Evidence of Haifa’s importance to the country’s economy is shown in the fact that, in 2010, it handled 22milllion tons of cargo, and it is still being expanded. With its economy’s growth reflecting a strong emphasis on meeting the industrial needs of its region, there are many channels of opportunity open to businesses wanting to expand their ambitions in this part of the Middle East A reliable international delivery company can help realise those ambitions. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: