There is a kind of toothpaste that you don’t want to change for a lifetime shuyue

There is a kind of toothpaste, a lifetime do not want to change the girl as a beautiful white, although I don’t smoke two do not drink tea, but once in a summer suddenly crazy drink a bottle of Sprite, every day is not that, then there is the first tooth…… As a good day good regular brushing good children, my whole outlook on life will collapse, please! So the lift to and must strengthen horsepower, take care of teeth, striving to be a 80 year old can enjoy eating spicy lamb steak chicken rib cartilage facet of the old lady! (yes, I have this pursuit) Click to play GIF 595K in daily life there will be a variety of factors leading to our yellow teeth, tooth decay, bad breath, bleeding gums, in addition to not pay attention to oral hygiene, often drink coffee, tea, smoking…… There may be water quality is not good, fluorine concentration is too high and other factors can not be avoided. Many woman even day make-up mirror, also did not pay attention to their own a large yellow teeth, some people also dislike lipstick color yellow teeth, exo me? That’s what you’re supposed to do! There is also a cause of dental problems is one important reason: with braces! Braces girl is no longer a surprising, but more and more common. According to friends said wearing braces, teeth not brushed clean is not only easy to make your teeth yellow, even after the braces, ditch seam found seven or eight small cavities…… About oral care, the most basic and most essential is toothpaste. The last time the public made a collection: which toothpaste is your heart love? Today, the domestic and foreign excellent reputation of the toothpaste out to share with you ~ well, everyone’s experience is different, so welcome you to add comments and Tucao in the comments Oh ~ whitening whitening choice is a compulsory course for you always, saying well, love laughing girl general luck will not be too bad…… There are costumes in most often describe beauty "enchanting smiles", hey hey, that is the smile has a large white teeth you will 100 students well, laugh a large yellow teeth you try? Marvis whitening mint toothpaste reference price ¥ 55@Mino. MARVIS the Italy gangster in toothpaste Hermes silver tube, after brushing teeth for a long time maintained a sense of bright glaze, reflective, could not help but want to lick with his tongue teeth, very slippery. @ Xuan Xuan Xuan not eat green peppers CC Italy the name of toothpaste, only the white, whitening can really see the effect. The smell is a little spicy, but acceptable, the bubble is not rich, but very comfortable! The lion white & white whitening toothpaste reference price ¥ 28@ Manyork yellow teeth, with the lion white toothpaste!!!! Run out of a tube with effect! @ Denso toothpaste, brush my teeth feel clean for a long time, and it can be white, mint does not stimulate the oral. The lion ZACT effects smoke stains toothpaste halitosis reference price ¥ the toothpaste 35@ lion removing smoke stains tea stains, Cleansing Cream long almost one white tube, a little yellow teeth of a smoker, originally did not have much hope, brush two times have been amazing to! Obvious joy相关的主题文章: