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Women on the train unwell, enthusiastic people to help hand – Qinghai Channel – People’s original title: women on the train unwell, enthusiastic people to help hand, in the early morning of September 28th, Ding lady a family of three to sit on the train to Lhasa. After the train passed through Golmud, Ding felt some difficulty in breathing and her hands and feet trembled. Sudden symptoms disrupted the itinerary of Ms. Ding’s family, but fortunately, with the help of many enthusiastic people, Ding’s body has not been seriously affected. "Just a little flustered, shortness of breath, gasping for breath." At first, the symptoms were not very serious, Ms. Ding did not care too much, after the Kunlun mountain, she felt some pain on both sides of the ribs, breathing more difficult. In order not to bother the family, Ding has endured. "Take a few minutes each time, and then it will be better."." Ms. Ding said, enthusiastic passengers gave her a few tablets, she felt a little better after eating. Late at night, passengers have mostly rested, 29 o’clock in the morning at 4 o’clock, Ding felt more and more uncomfortable, hands and feet began to tremble. After knowing Ms. Ding’s situation, the train head and the car doctor immediately went to see the situation. ECG, blood pressure, preliminary examination by the doctor, Ms. Ding’s normal indicators. Because the medical equipment in the car was limited, the doctor asked Ding to take some medicine. "It’s disgusting. All the drugs are out."." Ding think fast hold on, the conductor and her family after discussion, decided to go to the hospital to get off in tuotuohe. "After we get off the car, the ambulance is waiting beside it. The train crew helped arrange it, and we took our luggage and got off the bus and settled down." At 14 o’clock in September 29th, the reporter contacted Ms. Ding, she was still recuperating in the hospital. Ms. Ding said, on the train, enthusiastic passengers, train attendants and doctors have been helping, after the train, the hospital doctors are very serious and responsible, her body has not been a big obstacle. "Thank you very much indeed! We have been sitting in the train station without stopping, no Tuotuohe, because I wasted your time, really feel shy." On the phone, Ms. Ding apologized while thanking. The day of the incident, ride on the train is the passenger section of the Xining Lhasa two team wide Tibet a group of attendants of the king of Tieshan, the conductor said, passengers on a train ride, if you encounter physical discomfort, must promptly tell the conductor, so as not to delay the disease. (commissioning editor Zhang Zhiping and Yang Yang)

女子火车上不适众热心人伸援手–青海频道–人民网 原标题:女子火车上不适众热心人伸援手   9月28日一大早,丁女士一家三口坐上了去往拉萨的火车。火车过了格尔木后,丁女士觉得呼吸有些困难,手脚发抖。突如其来的症状打乱了丁女士一家的行程,不过幸运的是,在很多热心人的帮助下,丁女士的身体已没有大碍。   “就是有点心慌气短,喘不上气。”一开始症状不是很严重,丁女士没有太在意,过了昆仑山后,她觉得两侧的肋骨有些疼,呼吸愈发困难。   为了不给家人添麻烦,丁女士一直忍着。“每次就难受几分钟,然后会好一些。”丁女士说,热心的乘客给了她几片含片,她吃了以后感觉稍微好了些。   夜深了,乘客们大都已经休息,29日凌晨4时许,丁女士觉得越来越难受,手脚开始发抖。在得知丁女士的情况后,列车长和随车医生立即赶去查看情况。   做心电图、量血压,经医生初步检查,丁女士的各项指标正常。由于车里的医疗设备有限,医生让丁女士吃了些药。“特别恶心,吃的药全吐了。”丁女士觉得快坚持不住了,列车长和她的家人商量后,决定在沱沱河下车去医院。   “我们下车后,救护车就在旁边等着,列车员帮忙安排好了,还把我们的行李拿下车安顿好后才走。”9月29日14时许,记者联系到丁女士时,她仍在医院休养。丁女士说,在火车上,热心的乘客、列车员和医生一直在帮忙,下了火车后,医院的医生们也很认真负责,她的身体已经没有大碍了。   “真的谢谢大家!本来我们坐的火车在沱沱河没有站,不用停,因为我耽误了大家的时间,实在不好意思。”电话里,丁女士一边致谢一边道歉。   事发当天,在火车上值乘的是西宁客运段拉萨二队广藏一组的列车员们,列车长王铁山说,旅客在乘坐火车时,如果遇到身体不适等情况,一定要及时告诉列车员,以免延误病情。 (责编:张志平、杨阳)相关的主题文章: