The real thing OPEC meeting before the exposure has been cut

The real thing? OPEC exposure before the meeting has been cut Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Saudi Arabia moves frequently before the OPEC meeting is expected to be discussed at the end of this month. Foreign media was informed that, in addition to reaching an agreement with Russia oil price stability, Saudi Arabia last month also reduced oil production. Bloomberg News quoted informed sources said, and several other oil producing countries to continue to increase in August, Saudi Arabia submitted OPEC data show that in August this year, the country’s daily oil production reduced by 400 thousand barrels to 10 million 630 thousand barrels. Saudi Arabia’s average daily production in July reached a record high of 10 million 670 thousand barrels. By contrast, Iran’s August output increased from 3 million 620 thousand barrels in July to more than $3 million 630 thousand. OPEC Iraq, the second largest oil producer in August from the daily production of 4 million 606 thousand barrels in July to 4 million 638 thousand barrels. Kuwait August daily production from 2 million 950 thousand barrels in July to 2 million 987 thousand barrels. Nigeria August daily production from 1 million 270 thousand barrels in July to 1 million 456 thousand barrels. If the above data is true, Saudi Arabia revealed last month, the yield is actually very small, but this is no longer limited to the mouth gun action subtle point. This month, 26 to 28 OPEC will hold an informal meeting, Saudi Arabia on Monday and Russia announced a statement, decided to join forces to stabilize the oil market. Anas, al-Hajji, a former chief economist at NGP Energy Capital, an energy industry, points out that the most important question is whether Saudi Arabia will cut production to the level of the previous summer. Saudi Arabia’s average daily output of 10 million 220 thousand barrels a day in March, before the onset of intense seasonal growth in demand. After the Wall Street informative article mentioned, more optimistic on the outlook for oil prices analysts believe that if the two largest oil exporter in Russia and Saudi Arabia to reach a frozen production agreement, other countries may follow, the key to see Iran. However, judging from the current attitude of Iran, the recent agreement to freeze the production of hope is not large. Iran national gas company international affairs chief Mohsen Ghamsari said yesterday that the discussion on Iran frozen production is still too early at the end of this month’s OPEC meeting, after the production reached the level before the sanctions, Iran will consider the decision to limit the output. Iran crude oil output of 3 million 800 thousand barrels a day, to reach the pre sanctions level, Ghamsari said the average daily production to be slightly more than 4 million barrels, the target may be the end of this year or early next year to achieve. And even if Saudi Arabia and Russia announced cooperation, some analysts are not optimistic about the effect of frozen oil prices boost. The oil price is expected to bear, the joint statement to support oil prices a few days or even weeks on the good. Even if the real production of Saudi Arabia and Russia, from a fundamental point of view, there is no difference, because the actual output of the two countries have been at the peak of history. On Monday, Russia and Saudi Arabia in G相关的主题文章: