The old man was so powerful that he encouraged his son to go to harvard! Sohu – exit safe mode

The old man was so powerful that he encouraged his son to go to harvard! This paper | Sohu – mother son as everyone knows Liu Yong is a famous painter, writer, but I do not know, or a super powerful father. Liu Yong is a middle school in my son quickly when the family moved to the United States, at that time the son becomes particularly rebellious, do not want to learn, just daydreaming, dream to be like Schumacher racer, Liu Yong finally could not stand out, so a conversation can open up a fresh outlook son. Liu Yong said with a smile: "I heard you want to be like Schumacher racing car? Change does not love to learn." See the son from his father’s laugh in contempt, so provocative said: "yes, he is my idol, he is at my age, did worse even pass zero, now still is the world famous Racer" to listen to the words of the son, Liu Yong is quite agreeable laughed, then said: "I got zero points, as a racer, and you never considered zero!" Son qibuguo, said he also admitted to zero, so Liu Yong and his son agreed, as long as the son got zero points, then will no longer interfere with anything son, if there is no reference to the zero points, that we must obey parents’ management, but since it is the examination, should follow the provisions of the exam, not leave blank examination paper, because it is to "test" zero points, but not much of a zero. At that time, the son happily agreed, but also think his father is stupid. Later in the exam when the son was found, the original zero is really hard, no matter how you write the total of Hu, chance, then again, the son has not admitted to zero, in order to get zero, the son began to study, get the correct answer out, finally a year after the success of the son was admitted to zero, the son grades are up, only have the ability to enter into and out of the children have the ability to get zero. The son of Liu Yong finally admitted to Harvard, but also read the doctor, the son of Liu Yong is a famous person in Taiwan, is the host, is a writer, musician, is a representative of the new fashion in Taiwan is the representative of. If there is no father’s wisdom in one fell swoop, there may not be the present Liu Xuan. During this period, every child can have a rebellious period, parents do not calm down, impatient, with the wisdom of the relative, might reverse the situation, finally, share Liu Yong’s classic to the parents: you can not climbing a lifetime, but you must have a mountain. It makes you climb high, it makes you always have a direction of struggle, it allows you to start any moment, can see their own hope. Conducting children love to beat is because of what? What’s the matter with the child’s temper? Children always love to watch TV play how to guide the phone? Does your child help with the housework at home? Children usually pay attention to extracurricular reading? The child crying in kindergarten how to do? If you have these doubts: please pay attention to WeChat public number: [mother’s reading]. Just to be a kid! There is no school in the world that can read more than a mother!相关的主题文章: