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The nurse mistakenly wounded 22 children eyes on the garden party: take responsibility – kids in class two Chaoyang District Beijing Anzhen Street Kindergarten Center in the day before breakfast, the nurse mistakenly opened ultraviolet light disinfection, resulting in the class of 22 children eyes burnt by uv. Yesterday, the Beijing morning news reporter learned that the nursery has been sent to the hospital for treatment of children. Through the hospital diagnosis, the reporter found that the most serious children diagnosed with ophthalmia. In this regard, the zoo said willing to take responsibility, and will continue to focus on children’s illness, promised a week after the collective consultation. Event: UV light for half an hour, just drops of eye drops, can not rub eyes." Small static just raised his hand, was her mother stopped. The reporter saw a small static skin around the eyes red, "always itch, could not help but want to rub". Small static mother Xu told reporters on October 8th, at 8 a.m., in the class of children in the breakfast, the nurse mistakenly opened ultraviolet disinfection lamp, resulting in the class of children were UV light for half an hour. According to the surveillance video provided by the parents, the reporter saw the day 8 points 7 points, the classroom ultraviolet lamp is open until 8:39 in the classroom when the principal inspection found abnormal, immediately turn off the lights. "Doug’s condition is very serious, his eyes are swollen." Xiao Jing said that some of the children in the class to the teacher to reflect eye pain. Ms. Xu said that the day of noon some of the children’s eyes appeared symptoms, the afternoon of the meeting convened a meeting of parents, told the next day will take the children to the hospital for examination. Yesterday morning, after a hospital examination, the two classes have 22 children were diagnosed with eye burns. Reporters from the book to see most of the diagnosis, conjunctivitis, some serious diagnosis of corneal epithelial injury, even ophthalmia. Yan Yan, the child’s parents, said: "the children sleep at night, the eyes will be pain wake up." The parents are worried about is that the child’s eyes can heal, there will be sequelae, the kindergarten will not be responsible for the follow-up. Park side: public apology is willing to bear the responsibility yesterday, the reporter went to the kindergarten, park official said, after the accident, the first time the kindergarten for children with skin and eye examination. "The home and parents will agree, we decided to send children to the hospital treatment group. Tongren Hospital diagnosis, which has 5 children need to see a doctor at any time according to the condition, the 9 children need a week after the review, the 8 children only need eye drops treatment, 5 children without symptoms." Park responsible person said, has organized a group of parents to watch the opening of the ultraviolet light disinfection of the video data, class nursery, kindergarten and street office leaders to apologize to parents. "First, we will continue to pay close attention to children’s condition changes, will lead the children a week after the collective visit, the zoo will be responsible for all costs of treatment of children. Secondly, it will seriously deal with the responsible person, and to strengthen the training of all teachers and daily management, to prevent similar situations from happening again. Meanwhile, the street office will also pay close attention to this matter." Doctor: all will not be left behind for the recovery of the situation of children under ultraviolet light, the reporter consulted China-Japan Friendship Hospital, deputy director of the physician Wang Wei. He introduced, born相关的主题文章: