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"The most beautiful the Great Wall researchers:" out "is not accurate original title:" the most beautiful wild the Great Wall was smooth "investigation and assessment:" out "is not accurate investigation group of experts said the repair project with 37 lime shell, the shell will average 12 cm, weathered. Beijing News reporter Liu Ziheng photo survey revealed that the group members, "the proportion of 37 the most beautiful wild lime the Great Wall renovation project, after 35 years of weathering Beijing News (reporter Liu Ziheng) yesterday, the State Administration of cultural heritage, cultural relics bureau of Liaoning Province set up a joint investigation in Suizhong County," the most beautiful wild the Great Wall by mortar ". Investigation and assessment. After the scene investigation, one of the group of experts members of Qingyuan to pay for the Beijing News reporter said, "the so-called cement pavement engineering does not exist, using the 37 dust shell protection. The crust will disappear in about 35 years." "The most beautiful wild the Great Wall disappearing a September 20th spread on the Internet, the figure shows that the section of the Great Wall as the road. September 22nd, Fu Qingyuan, an expert member of the investigation team received the task, the first to arrive in Liaoning, Suizhong. Joint investigation team by the State Administration of cultural heritage, the Liaoning Provincial Bureau of cultural relics, Suizhong County Bureau of cultural relics, as well as four construction units related staff. Read the drawings and arrive at the scene, Fu Qingyuan told the Beijing News reporter, the so-called "disappearing" is not accurate, "the the Great Wall was severely damaged, there is no maintenance before the battlements and crownnatural, in accordance with the original dressing, the original the Great Wall is no brick, stone are gone." According to its introduction, the maintenance of the the Great Wall section of the process for the return of reinforcement, that is, the main structure of a solid, so that the safety of the the Great Wall structure can not repair damaged parts. "Not to restore the original appearance, this is a life-saving project, should abide by the principle of minimum intervention." Fu Qingyuan said. According to the "Suizhong Zhuizi mountain the Great Wall mountain section paragraph emergency project ovo repair plan", "surface with lime pointing inside the rubble filled with dry and inserted", "scattered stones to make up…… A piece of stone without". "Repair plan" is also proposed, "on top of the residual soil apron to re shoot, and then add a layer of 37 dust tapped, the average thickness of 12 cm." 37 three points seven points according to the lime lime soil ratio modulation, the 37 dust 12 cm, is finally showing a "disappearing" scene. Fu Qingyuan told the Beijing News reporter, and then over 35 years, this layer will be weathering protective shell, the Great Wall will be exposed stones. "We need to fix this effect." The Great Wall winds blow, he pointed to a piece of stone has weathered, exposed slope of the Beijing News reporter said. Many villagers in secret repair is "the small estuary village of Suizhong County of the original dressing" still remember the 2013 to 2014 overhaul the Great Wall scene, when they participate as workers. In the repair, a small mouth of the Great Wall in the foothills of the broken walls, the villagers have a profound impression. "The Great Wall has fallen by half, leek brick cracks, when the sheep had been before." One villager told the Beijing News相关的主题文章: