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The "master" intensive adjustment   5 people 4 people after 60 education since late August, 4 famous universities of Lanzhou University, University of International Business and Economics, Nankai University, Tongji University and other major leadership adjustments. Lanzhou city mayor Yuan Zhanting served as party secretary of Lanzhou University; China University of Petroleum (Beijing) party secretary Jiang Qingzhe, Capital University of Economics and Business President Wang Jiaqiong served as party secretary of University of International Business and Economics, President; vice chairman of Tianjin Wei Dapeng Nankai University book; Party members, Chinese Engineering Institute of the Secretary General Zhong Zhihua the president of the Tongji University. In addition to Wei Dapeng was born in 1957, the other four are authentic after the 60. 4 universities in politics for many years to return to the campus of personnel adjustment, occupation, Wei Dapeng Zhong Zhihua, Yuan Zhanting probably track similar to that originally in the work of colleges and universities, middle politics for several years, and finally returned to the university office, as across the "revolving door". Yuan Zhanting from the beginning of 1989, is engaged in the teaching and management work, and has served as president of Gansu University of technology, Lanzhou University of Technology and other staff, until 2005 the mayor of Baiyin, in the University for 16 years, after 11 years in politics, to return to the campus ministry level served as deputy party secretary of Lanzhou University. Wei Dapeng served in the Tianjin College of Finance and economics, Tianjin University of Science and Technology, 2008, served as director of the Tianjin Municipal Personnel Bureau, deputy secretary of the Tianjin Municipal Education Committee of Tianjin municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman, in politics for 8 years. As the only one of the two research projects in China, one of the Chinese Academy of engineering, Zhong Zhihua’s experience is legendary. He served as president of Hunan University at the age of 43, in the education sector is already doing well, "official", but later became the director of the Chongqing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, deputy director of Liangjiang New area. October 2014, Zhong Zhihua served as Party members, Secretary General of the Chinese Academy of engineering. He Pei Gang and former president of Tongji University, serving time is 54 years old, are also the principal of "". The main direction of research on Zhong Zhihua, consistent with the traditional disciplines of automobile, tongji. "The political experience to go back to school, may be more pragmatic and more down to earth, is good for University governance." National School of Administration professor Wang Yukai said, leading cadres in Colleges and universities in politics after the advantages and disadvantages are obvious, rational and intellectual, creative is their advantages, but its shortcomings of the grassroots, practical understanding etc.. Politics is a rare experience, to return to the campus but also conducive to play, make them better for the country and social services. Lanzhou University, University of International Business and Economics, Nankai University, Tongji University are directly under the Ministry of education. Both foreign doctor and domestic Master Dr. Zhong Zhihua, Wei Dapeng two people have returnees experience, is worthy of the name of dr.". And Yuan Zhanting’s master of engineering, Dr. Jiang Qingzhe’s work, Dr. of the economics of the, are "domestic". Born in Dongting Lake peasant family Zhong Zhihua, skip September 1978 to participate in college entrance examination to the Hunan University, July 1982, just 20 years old from Hunan University of mechanical system)相关的主题文章: