The latest rat cited several times more than the annual salary of the fund manager

Rat new penalty cited hot times fine than fund managers salary each reporter Li Lei relative to the current market, recently, a "rat" message to a higher degree of concern – fund manager of ICBC Credit Suisse’s Wang, during the management of 4 fund products, with his actual control of relatives the name of the stock trading accounts, the operation of 49 stocks, 4 years a total of more than 249 yuan of illegal profits. At the end of the month, Beijing second intermediate people’s court sentenced Wang to two years imprisonment, suspended for two years use of undisclosed information trading, fined 2 million 500 thousand yuan. The verdict came out, attracted a lot of discussion, but the verdict also makes financial cows feel a bit familiar: only in 2011, China Everbright Baode Nobuhara fund manager and chief investment officer Xu Chunmao, illegal profits more than 209 yuan, was sentenced to 3 years in prison, 3 years probation, fined 2 million 100 thousand yuan, then the decision triggered the sentence is discussed in light "; 3 years later, the original letter of Baode Everbright fund manager Qian Jun, the use of undisclosed information transactions, involving more than 100 million yuan in 1.22, the illegal profits of more than 140 yuan, was sentenced to 1 years and 6 months, suspended for 1 years and 6 months, fined 1 million 600 thousand yuan; second years, Huaxia Fund and a trader because of rat was sentenced to three years imprisonment, suspended for three years, the recovered 467 yuan of illegal income, and fined 5 million yuan…… And so on. It is not difficult to see that the same probation, the same amount of fines is equivalent to illegal profits. Every year the "penalty" similar, each year is different, the fund manager of the "rat" is still repeated, deterrent to such violations of the law to play? How to do the complex calculation of sentencing? Shuoshu frequent, sentencing follow? In April 2008, China Commission announced the administrative punishment on Morgan Tang Jian, Wang Li of the two southern fund rat case, the illegal gains shall be confiscated and a fine of 500 thousand yuan, and the implementation shichangjinru two. But it is worth noting that the illegal profits of Tang Jian and Wang Limin are more than 1 million 500 thousand yuan. This is the Commission on the fund rat out of the punishment of the first single, since then, fund managers rat began to enter the public view. However, due to the provisions of the criminal law has not been related to the behavior of the above two parties ultimately not subject to criminal responsibility, and the Commission has not punished the relevant fund management companies. May 2011, the the Great Wall fund’s fund manager Han Gang suspected of using undisclosed information transactions, Shenzhen City People’s court sentenced him to one year imprisonment, confiscation of illegal income and impose a fine of 310 thousand yuan. The case has also become China’s securities market, the first fund practitioners due to the use of undisclosed information illegal transactions were held criminally responsible cases. If the previous rat exposure mostly from individual reports and regulators on-site inspection, so in 2013, the introduction of large data systems audit will further intensify the supervision and combating such violations, and launched since 2009 and a "rat" storm, many major cases at this stage is to be the discovery and investigation of the"相关的主题文章: