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Tao Xinran then said: "the bad woman was not afraid to attack" – Sohu Tao Xinran Entertainment (map) Yangtze River Network – Wuhan morning news (reporter Mei Dongni) in the "The Legend of Zhen Huan" anling is a love hate role, actor Tao Xinran revealed in an interview, "anling has been the person many parents have been attacked, however, is called" Oriental TV hit Spy Drama "rouge", Tao Xinran hanging open and generally played a huge impact because of fate and a tragic ending female von Mena, has been upgraded to the mother of Tao Xinran said, "I think this role is met well, the director and producer of such a particularly difficult role to play to me, I am very happy. When fixing the producer also told me that "Xin Ran, you more than I expected, thank you."." Tao Xinran has not the same love for Feng Manna, her eyes in this easy for the audience to hate, "actually is a good girl" has a lot of small flaws, "the character is very extreme, extreme cold, extreme and manic. Behind her, extreme and extreme cold, everything is because of the sudden shock to her life, her desire to love and be loved, trust and be trusted, but ultimately failed to escape the fate." Because of the long-term immersion in the role of the tragic fate and hard creation, Tao Xinran once needed to relax, let the assistant accompany to the monks chanting to calm down. When the role is finally completed, Tao Xinran heart big stone also finally put down. After finished "rouge" not long after, Tao Xinran pregnant, and at this time she and Feng Manna’s "entanglement" is not over. Before pregnancy, Tao Xinran promised to personally for the voice of Feng Manna, it can get the voice, "a lot of pages, and many of them are painful hysterical crying, the baby was only four months in the stomach, if pregnant women especially excited to baby is not good." After tangled, Tao Xinran decided to personally battle. "The studio was closed, the space is very small, I can also not long standing sedentary, had done with the amount of about half a day can I have one and a half. Some of the play can not see the past, I feel too much noise, too late to deal with, and I can not help but make up for." Although the process is difficult, but Tao Xinran is also very satisfied, whether it was the shooting or later dubbing, I feel I have done my best for this role. I don’t regret what she came out of. Recognition does not recognize the fact that after the broadcast to know, but I think that this may be another representative of my work."   相关的主题文章: