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Taiwan media: Cai Yingwen bets or Trump’s first "sacrifice" – Sohu Military Channel text with map: the island’s public concern Taiwan Trump came to power after the first ". Chinese Taiwan news network November 11th after Trump was elected on Taiwan and on both sides of the topic raised Taiwan discussion, "Cai Yingwen is not in Meida" selected wrong treasure "," Trump really had sent a special envoy to visit Cai Yingwen "two puzzles, and become the focus of the island’s second wave…… There are pictures and the truth of Cai Yingwen "bet on the wrong horse nearly two days outside the continuous exposure of irrefutable evidence before the election authorities questioned Cai" bets ", the future Trump ruling against Taiwan fear. In this regard, the DPP Legislative Yuan Su Jiaquan 10, said, "" government "is not to charge any national election results treasure". However, critics of Shimachi Masaharu Tang Xianglong said, "Cai Yingwen, you certainly have the betting, don’t deny." He pointed out that in a year ago, Losangeles Taiwan overseas activities, Hilary was given a handwritten blessing of the three copies of the pig figure, it can prove that all the. Tang Xianglong pointed out that in November 2015 10 during the day, the overseas "green overseas Chinese" drew three pig pictures, and to Cai Yingwen, hope she write a blessing, then to Hilary (according to Tang Xianglong saying, "overseas green overseas Taiwan" tend to support Hilary). At that time, Cai Yingwen wrote in the picture, TO:Hillary refueling! Elected!" Finally, by the DPP legislators, former governor of Arkansas Li Yingyuan asked Beebe to give to Hilary, then Li Yingyuan’s photos on Facebook, although the photos afterwards was deleted, but Cai Yingwen is betting? Whether or not bet on the wrong treasure? This is determined. Cai office issued the Trone pute according to group such as "fraud group is also to refute the" bet gambled ", Cai do then also announced in October this year, Cai Yingwen met with Republican heavyweights, the founder of the foundation of the Buddha’s traditional photo, he is preaching Buddha sent by special envoy Trump, specially sent on its long before a general election Cai Yingwen and so on. But the argument one, then the parties were fierce face, but authorities want to make Cai Yuanhuang "yuemiaoyuehei". China KMT policies CEO Cai Zhengyuan pointed out that he is a former president of the Buddha Republican think tank Heritage Foundation, will be Taiwan for the Heritage Foundation fundraising each year; Cai Yingwen Buddha ne series representative by Trump, "it is the history of the most shameless". KMT vice chairman Hong Mengkai held a press conference to question whether Cai Yingwen is take photos to deceive the Taiwanese, "this kind of behavior and the fraud group take photographs of celebrities pictured to win the trust of investors, what is the two?" Hong Mengkai to "hold the wrong thigh hard, with the help of a stranger deceive compatriots" criticized Cai Yingwen’s acts of whack. According to the selected ne Buddha to come to Taiwan to see Cai Yingwen, has been described as the Taiwan authorities before Trone pute, on behalf of the United States inspector Shen Lv said that the Buddha he often come to Taiwan, "he is not a mandate (appointment) is very important," Cai authorities to do so before the announcement, have nothing to do with the Buddha or ne Trump first confirmed? "Suddenly, Trump was sent to Taiwan to become.相关的主题文章: