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Successful listing, sales of over 10 million new products, what do we do? Sohu science and technology into the cold winter, sharks eat shark, which is the phenomenon of large companies are still spreading. After Ctrip Beauty Group reviews, where the Jingdong, shop No. 1, with many major drops yuho, recently staged acquisition of the electricity supplier in the field of snacks, snacks and red dates becheery giant king "miss you realize the strategic merger, becheery will raise matching funds 960 million yuan, of which 85% of the trading funds to miss you shares. So you want to become the second largest shareholder of herbs, and thus enter the capital market, becoming the first electricity supplier snacks. Speaking of becheery, many people are not unfamiliar, the Internet bought snacks of becheery, three squirrels and liangpin shop these three brands are very impressed, they are the three year snacks business, selling more than 1 billion yuan of snacks, becheery "listed" snacks will change electricity supplier in the market. Especially after the announced merger synergies, becheery produced hold fruit sales, since August 26th, 1 months, more than 11 million sales, sales of more than 400 thousand. The media is expected to hold fruit sales this year is expected to exceed 100 million yuan, next year is expected to exceed 300 million, the future is expected to create more than 1 billion level single product. Currently hold fruit monthly sales market share ranked first, this seems to be more deep the possibility of such a pattern of mutation. The first listed on the taste of what to do? In the brand of snack electricity supplier industry, the development of a long history of herbal flavor. As early as 2003 herbs flavor has been set up, until 2010, the chain is to go all the way, in the country in 2006 has a total of 140 stores, sales of up to 150 million. At this stage, the taste of the vegetable market in the snack snack stand firm, and establish a sound product supply and production system. In 2010 the face has spread wave electricity supplier, electricity supplier in Hangzhou becheery feel the wind at the end of Qingping, began the transition to put up a pageantry line, 4 months is ranked first in the category of food. Becheery founder Cai Hongliang then made a risky decision: close all the line of stores, a comprehensive transformation of online business, so why dare to gamble, because Cai Hongliang see young people through online shopping is represent the general trend, sales in 5 years time becheery line last year more than 1 billion 500 million, it confirms this trend. In the transformation of the Internet at the same time, more energy and money will be put on the ecological construction of the electricity supplier snacks. Herbal flavor has been penetrated into the channel from the production, storage and many links. Becheery not only snacks retailer, in 2015 invested 40 million yuan to build a production line, and establish the origin of planting base, in the global more than and 10 countries and regions established 10 logistics centers, 2015 to achieve 90% orders within 24 hours of delivery, significantly enhance the user’s shopping experience. Market is the best referee, a comprehensive transformation of the Internet, and set foot on the upstream and downstream industry chain, in 2010-2015 this stage is correct. 2014, a hundred herbs.相关的主题文章: