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Students receive flights canceled SMS cheated tracking: ATM hasn’t lose amount of money transferred – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Shanghai on August 26th news (reporter Fu Wenjie) according to the China voice of "news" reported that the day before, Shandong Linyi poor prospective students Xu Yuyu suffered telephone fraud, sudden death. Wilting flowering thecrush life in front of the university gate, which greatly hurt the nerve of the public. Coincidentally, or the city of Linyi, another female students cheated 6800 yuan, no money to pay tuition. She is going to go through the formalities of drop out of school. However, fraud related to college students is far from over. A few days ago, Shanghai East China Normal University, a sophomore girl Xiaowen tickets after receiving SMS fraud, cheated 6100 yuan. A similar situation also appeared in many, scam victims are exactly the same, for students. How are these students cheated? How are things going? East China Normal University sophomore students in Chongqing Xiaowen in July this year, spend 800 yuan by third party platform WeChat wallet to buy train tickets on August 24th at 11:30 in the morning from Chongqing Wanzhou to Shanghai Pudong FM9462 flight. However, yesterday morning when she was ready to get up to go to the airport, they found a 1 a.m. received SMS mobile phone, for her book the flight has been cancelled due to mechanical failure, asked her to call the flight ticket and change line contact, note the change of success can be obtained after the payment of civil aviation flight delay insurance compensation 200 yuan. The text said: "because relatively far away from my home airport, one morning to see that I was a bit confused. I immediately contacted him to say the phone change, because he sent me a message, name, phone number, flight number, flight departure time is accurate, so I believe him." In the call message called "change refund line", the person claiming to be Shanghai airlines customer service, telephone also has voice prompt transfer interval. Wen said: "there he camouflage like, played in the past and the voice prompt, and transfer what, like. He gave me the phone number, confirmed my name, phone number and ID number, as well as the flight number and departure time, all confirmed, the information is right, so I believe him more." In other pretentiously confirm her information, and asked to change or get a refund, change the answer, and imitate the real airline customer service, query the flight information, and inform the party, a group of flight 12, but only 2 of the votes, knowing that the party holding the work bank card, the other said the airline and ICBC cooperation, please quickly to the ATM change for her. "He said that the company has launched a new business, is for the convenience of our self-service, can change, but to the bank ATM machine processing. I said that I used the bank card, he said the ICBC and Shanghai airlines are cooperation, ICBC ATM machine can be self-service ticket change for good, after back two hundred dollars of subsidies, compensation for me." The parties then rushed to the bank, after inserting the bank card did not see the so-called airline sector.相关的主题文章: