Some cadres how to change Cherish the opportunity to make a difference in the new position

How should " of cadres; "? Cherish the opportunity to make a difference – in the new post Beijing cadres exchange, is to improve the overall quality of cadres in particular is an important way of working ability, can also drive the communication and cooperation between different areas and units, to strengthen and promote certain aspects of the work, to bring new development opportunities. In recent years, with the system of standardization, cadre training and exchange work of cadres, the intensity gradually increased, sending the form of increasingly rich. The cadres of individuals, attachment means work in new units, new position, role orientation, communication, executive power will change. In the face of changes and challenges, how to adjust the state cadres, to adapt to the environment, make a difference? The receiving unit, sending cadres is a valuable wealth, how to perfect the system, make good use of these cadres? These are the things that need to be considered in practical work. This reporter interviewed several cadres, through their stories, to explore these issues. The editor — change the role of attachment dare move really tough action, others are willing to communicate with you "from the higher authorities to the grassroots sending cadres, often look forward to bring resources and opportunities, even project funds. By the end of 2013, Wang Xueqin, deputy director of science and technology from the information center of the Ministry of science and Technology Office of Yuxi city to Yunnan attachment, he served as Municipal Committee, vice mayor, he is also faced with the local cadres and the masses of great expectations. "The cadres are not mere gold plated." Wang Xueqin believes that the cadres should play their own advantages, creatively do a good job, but also to unite colleagues, manage subordinates. "Unity is not half hearted, should not only pay attention to the methods of work, but also adhere to the principles, hold the bottom line, not that he is sending cadres did not dare move really tough action." How to meet a really tough action? Yuxi attachment to individual cadres, work attitude let Wang Xueqin somewhat surprised. The work assigned on Friday, in some places, the weekend to work overtime to finish, but the individual cadres to be dragged until next Monday to start the layout, sense of urgency, a sense of responsibility is not enough. Wang Xueqin said: "sometimes I feel particularly anxious to be superior, some grassroots cadres still neither fast nor slow." Wang Xueqin believes that the stick must withstand criticism persist. "After I came to Yuxi to request and adhere to the open every Monday meeting, unshakable, by the Department responsible for the work of the deployment of completion were reported last week, this week work thinking and objectives, pushed forward, forced to think." When it comes to efficiency, Wang Xueqin is also very understanding: "the cadres long tenure in a department of a place, and all aspects of human feelings and interests will be complicated and difficult to deal with, sometimes in the formulation of policy concerns, the cadres will be less worried." "Holding the official airs to see a turn away, some grassroots cadres will fool you; conscientiously to help solve practical problems, the grassroots cadres and the masses are willing to say," go heart son fighting with you. "." Wang Xueqin feels quite deep. Yuxi hang to the office, Wang Xueqin in charge of the city’s investment work, two landing funds more than 100 billion. Change of position相关的主题文章: