SFC regulatory bumper Qizhua stock bond bursts of three arrows stand by me shinee

SFC regulatory bumper: Qizhua debt stocks "regulatory bursts of three arrows bumper, this is many people in the industry to evaluate the Commission Chairman Liu Shiyu first year. Recently, Liu Shiyu went to Tianjin, Shandong, Shanghai and other places are also stressed in the market regulation. Innovation and regulation of the capital market, is often the "seesaw" poles. After last year’s stock market crisis, in the face of complex domestic and international economic environment, regulators encourage innovation in the more cautious, for A shares, the new board, the three major areas of bond market regulation width and the depth of layers of overweight. China Securities Regulatory Commission on Friday announced the first batch of IPO (initial public offering) special inspection results, while the company issued a document on the spot checks of corporate bonds. National SME share transfer system and then introduced a new three board delisting rules". These three initiatives are reflected in the normalization of market regulation, but also to activate the survival of the fittest market attempt. Supervision of the new year, which is a lot of people in the industry for the first year of the Commission Chairman Liu Shiyu. First financial reporter learned that Liu Shiyu recently went to Tianjin, Shandong, Shanghai and other places in the investigation of the emphasis on market regulation. There are institutions who told the first financial reporter, Liu Shiyu, CITIC Securities to research clearly stressed that to strengthen the A shares and the new third market supervision. IPO "fake" issue of fraud and illegal disclosure of information in the A stock market is the "stubborn" and the reform of the registration system requirements, each chairman of the SFC must face the problem. In the first half of this year, Xintai electric fraud was forced to withdraw from the market, then the Commission in June and specifically deployed IPO fraud and illegal acts of illegal disclosure of information disclosure". After 4 months of investigation, the first batch of "fake" results released on Friday. According to the Commission spokesman Zhang Xiaojun, the Commission audit department recently decided to declare IPO business long bao and ginseng Guangdong media, *ST, *ST, allyl carbon infront of horse horse, convex beautiful ecological 6 listed company officially launched the investigation of the administrative law enforcement procedure. This is the first case since the special law enforcement action, into the formal filing procedures. From the clues to verify the situation, the relevant issuers, listed companies in the presence of information disclosure untrue, inaccurate, incomplete major suspect." Zhang Xiaojun said the problem mainly in eight aspects, including the prospectus alleged false statements, the restructuring of the underlying companies suspected of fraud issue, the acquisition of the relevant disclosure documents allegedly did not disclose significant debt and external security issues, allegedly fictitious overseas subsidiaries business off the parent company huge financial losses, allegedly by fictitious or inflated other payables receivables to offset the decline in performance, suspected of concealing important financial information, in the business activities of foreign investment in the alleged failure to timely disclosure of information related to major changes, the company alleged to cater to the market hot speculation etc.. Information disclosure is the core of the securities market operation rules, regulators have been found, often hidden behind the illegal disclosure of illegal transactions, illegal occupation of funds, transfer of benefits and other serious malignant crimes clues source of illegal disclosure is the defect of corporate governance, internal management confusion, risk control, compliance awareness disclosure form weak. It is worth noting that, according to.相关的主题文章: