Secret city network anchor double life night sing rock neighbor alarm

Secret city network anchor double life night sing rock neighbors alarm 3 hours of some earned two of all for rose powder boiled owl family does not understand the object is bright is not assured outside mixed double life bitter network anchor the hottest hottest occupation is? Is it a doctor? Is it a policeman? Is our reporter? The above is not ~ it is the network anchor! Both sides of life today, let Xiaobian take you into the city network anchor. New live five hours of voice shouting dumb when no network anchor before, I have been using a mobile phone live, free to open the live broadcast, chat, singing, makeup. I did not expect to graduate, do a network anchor." The 24 year old Wang Ni (a pseudonym) is a 90 high in Harbin leggy sister, an Internet company, as is the network broadcast platform anchor. Live time, she often in the living room by singing and chatting to attract fans. "You see from the mobile phone screen, I like to live at home, in fact, that is not my home, but the company’s live room, my family can not be so extravagant." Wang Ni introduced the company to save money rented several separate rooms in the office, which serves as a dressing room and other rooms are decorated in the studio, and on the wall in the background Home Furnishing logo affixed wallpaper, get very warm, it looks great, in fact, the video can see where there is five or six square meters, a microphone, a computer and some beauty equipment, which became a fan saw live. "I graduated from teachers of professional, piano, singing and dancing are so little, so live up is not tired." Wang Ni said: because there are links to sing, so we have a very high quality requirements on the microphone and camera, I heard that the purchase of the camera and the camera on the yuan spent yuan." Wang Ni said, she and several classmates after graduation has been in Harbin flat-share house, after graduation to find a job. Because she likes singing and acting, she and her roommate decided to find a part-time job. Every night at six to start live, a few months before the experience, but accumulated some fans, they saw the end of my live from time to time, but also from time to time to send gifts." Wang Ni said, "the longest time I live for 5 hours, singing voice are dumb, remove the network platform into and into, I earned more than 5 thousand." At the same time, the rock and roll neighbor reported to the police that "most of the time will be in the afternoon or evening, because at that time, the audience will have time, and the time will be longer." A 80 love to sing rock anchor Gao Xiaodong introduction, he grew up like music, the desire is to be a singer, and his parents have always wanted to train him to become a civil servant, live safely. Stubborn Gao Xiaodong admitted to the Music Department of Teachers College, after graduation did not find a satisfactory job. One time he saw in the mobile phone software students live someone singing, the initiation of the idea when the network anchor. I spent more than two thousand yuan on the Internet to buy a set of recording equipment, at home from the phone to sing their own, at first there is no fan, of course, no income, and then slowly.相关的主题文章: