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Home-and-Family The phrase "for better for worse, till death do us part", is more than just a wedding vow. From the very meaning of the phrase itself, it means that nothing is impossible when it comes to saving your marriage. That is the main reason why the words "for worse" were indicated in the vows. Married couples should always stay strong and never let any problems come between them. However, this is not the usual case. You might have heard about married people breaking up because of arguments and disagreements. So what happened to the "for worse" part of the wedding vow that they have committed? In marriage, you have to understand that it is not just about being happy. There are certain instances wherein your loyalty to each other will be put to the test. A test that is meant to make the two of you stay strong amidst the trouble. Unfortunately, not all couples are prepared for this challenge. Thus, they end up filing for divorce. Nowadays, many people accept the reality that there are some marriages that were not meant to work. Most couples who accepted their failed relationship, move forward easily compared before. Despite that, there are still others who want to take the risks of saving their own marriages, not only for themselves, but also for the benefit of their children and for the love they have shared. If you need tips on saving your marriage, here are some strategies that you can do: Cooperate and communicate In saving your marriage, it is not enough that only one of you will exert the effort to patch things between the two of you. Both the man and the woman must be willing to cooperate and to communicate with each other. Talk about the threats to your marriage. If there are any issues that you need to resolve, fix them. Being honest and open will help you deal with your problems better. Through this, you are able to vent out your silent feelings. If you have any hidden disappointments, tell that to your partner. You should also expect hurtful words from your partner, especially if you have done something wrong. Be reasonable As much as you can, try to be calm during confrontation. Do not shout or even raise your voice at your partner. Even if you are really angry, handle the situation peacefully. Learn to forgive and to accept If your partner asks for your forgiveness, accept the apology. This is one of the keys when it comes to saving your marriage. However, before that, make your partner promise that he/she will never do the same mistakes again. On the other hand, if you are the offending party, learn how to ask for an apology. Never let your prides come in between the two of you. Be humble if you are the offender, and learn how to accept an apology if you are the offended party. Divorce is never an option for couples who want to make their relationship last long and for the rest of their married life. Talk to your partner. For sure if you have been together for a good number of years, you will never let arguments win over your relationship. There are many ways to continue living your life with the person you promised to share it with. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: