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Russian media speculated that Chinese rocket military equipment deployment said Beijing there are tree tunnel – Sohu military channel map information: China rocketforces. The Russian "military messenger" in 2016 thirty-fifth periodical published articles in the analysis of China rocket, the author for the Russian political and military Analysis Research Institute deputy director Alexander Hera Muqi Hin?. This paper introduces the establishment of the Central Military Commission after the military reform, and analyzes the formation and the strength of the Chinese army. In Russia’s neighboring countries, the strongest fighting force is china. The Chinese people’s Liberation Army is the world’s fastest growing army. Its mobilization of resources (3-4 million) more than any other country’s population, in addition to India. The Chinese people’s Liberation Army adopts conscription. Recruitment age is 18 years old. Serving time is 2 years. Due to the large number of surplus, conscription has selectivity, which can select the best quality of physical and intellectual youth join the army. There is also a contract for 3-30 years of service. Implementation of the Central Military Commission of the people’s Liberation army. In China, the position of the chairman of the Central Military Commission is actually considered to be the most important position. Accordingly, the Central Military Commission is also China’s leading body. At the same time, in addition to the chairman, the Central Military Commission no longer a civilian staff, the Commission by the senior generals of the representatives of these senior generals in the leadership of China and the Communist Party of China’s role is very large. The Central Military Commission to determine the main construction and development direction, China people’s Liberation Army Budget, responsible for the mobilization and the implementation of martial law. In 2016 after the military reform, including the composition of the Central Military Commission of the Joint Chiefs of staff (including 4 military staff, its function is similar to the U.S. Joint Chiefs of staff), 5 (Department of Political Department, development department, training equipment management department, logistics department, the Ministry of national defense mobilization Committee, 3) (Politics and Law Committee, Discipline Inspection Commission, commission of science and Technology), 6 affiliated institutions (Office of strategic planning, management authority, administration reform and the preparation of the audit office, office, office, office of international military cooperation). The Central Military Commission over 5 theater headquarters, North theater (headquarters in Shenyang), central zone (Beijing), Western Theatre (Chengdu), the southern theater (Guangzhou), the eastern theater (Nanjing). Five people’s Liberation Army headquarters is Chinese most senior strategic battle corps, army corps, and all over the Navy and air force troops and ships. In addition, the Commission also governs strategic support units (responsible for network centric warfare, ready to carry out cyber warfare, space warfare, electronic warfare) and rocket forces (similar to Russia’s strategic missile forces). The Rockets are completely classified, and Chinese officials do not provide any information about the number of missiles and warheads. Learned from different sources, the rocket army into 6 Army (missile base), each group has a number of brigades. Each missile brigades of the 1 types of 3-6, under the jurisdiction of a missile battalion. Each battalion has 3 missile links, each with 3 missiles. Depending on the type of missile, 1 launchers may be equipped with 1 units, or 1 platoons. Correspondingly, the 1 trip.相关的主题文章: