Retired college students can take part in the college entrance examination plans to recruit more tha

Retired soldier college students in our province can graduate college enrollment plan more than 300 newspaper news (reporter Zhang Yangang) the next national research network reported in October 10th, first time in December 24th of this year to 25. 2016, the Ministry of education to set up a retired college soldiers special graduate enrollment plan, specifically to recruit retired college students studying for master’s degree. Reporters learned from the provincial examination management center, the implementation of this plan is to improve the national college students join the army preferential policies to encourage more high-quality college students to join the army one of the important initiatives. In 2017, the whole country arranged the plan of "retired college students soldiers", 5000 people from all over the country to undertake the task of the 467 colleges and universities. In the province of Xi’an Jiaotong University and other 6 universities plan enrollment of 175 people, 17 provincial universities such as Northwestern University planned enrollment of 142 people. It is reported that, "the retired soldier college students plan enrollment is part of a national master’s research enrollment, according to the" voluntary registration, unified examination, self marking, merit and strict norms of fairness "principle. Candidates to apply for the program should be enrolled in the college students to withdraw from active service, and in line with the requirements of the master graduate candidates. Candidates to apply for the program must be in accordance with the requirements of the graduate entrance examination online registration and on-site confirmation procedures. Time network school, I truthfully fill in the army, retired, the scene confirmed to provide my "ratification" and "army demobilized certificate" original and photocopy. And in accordance with the requirements of the applicants and the relevant policy requirements to choose the voluntary reporting. For this program, candidates must be required to participate in the national graduate entrance examination, or in accordance with the provisions in the exemption of enrollment. The admissions unit according to the Ministry of education policy, self determined and published for the plan candidates enter the re examination of the first test results and other policy requirements. For the retired soldier college students plan candidates apply for transfers to the general plan of admission, the first test results should meet the relevant professional in areas where the disciplines (professional degree category) the basic requirements of the first test results, to meet the conditions, according to the provisions of the enjoyment of college students retired soldiers test points. Apply the general plan of the candidates, in accordance with the "plan of college students retired soldiers" conditions apply, apply for transfers to the retired soldier college students admitted to the program "the preliminary test result shall be in accordance with the preliminary test result to determine the admissions unit to accept other admissions unit" retired soldier College students plan "candidates swap requirements. Into the "retired soldier college students plan" recruiting candidates, no longer enjoy the first plus retired soldier College students.相关的主题文章: