Renovation and destruction The Great Wall protection and renovation standards to be introduced 66814

Renovation and destruction? The protection of the Great Wall repair standards to be introduced – Beijing netizens recently broke the news, in the small village of Yongan County of Suizhong Liaoning estuary Bao Xiang, rough repair 700 year history of the "most beautiful wild the Great Wall" by mortar. The local security department responded that the the Great Wall restoration project declared by the provincial and national relevant departments for approval, comply with the relevant provisions of the project. The Great Wall experts said that at present there is no the Great Wall protection and repair standards, it is recommended to improve the relevant legislation as soon as possible. "Destruction type repair" who should bear responsibility? Wei Zhen an authentic, wild ancient the Great Wall, cultural relics protection departments by renovation into a stiff cement road, a creative and strong contrast, dumbfounding to see the complex. First of all, people want to know, whether the repair of small river estuary in accordance with the provisions of the application, approval, project procedures, such as the? Repair process is in accordance with the provisions of the tender? Design units, construction units have the corresponding qualifications? Is there a corrupt transaction and thus lead to arbitrary decisions, brutal operations? The local cultural relics protection departments to respond, not only denied the above question, but insisted that the renovation is the "expert formulation only", "is currently the most suitable protection way". Even a small estuary the Great Wall repair from the planning to the whole process of construction, the obvious problem does not exist on the program, but the final presentation of the results are surprising, this should also be a profound reflection. The protection of cultural relics including cultural relics repair work, should have a strong professional, however, this does not mean that non professionals and the public to participate in and supervise, does not mean that the public can not give the restoration results of scoring. The Great Wall is a small estuary unhistorical Department repair completely destroyed, rough "the most beautiful wild the Great Wall" images in people’s minds and memory, a clear violation of the provisions of the "Regulations on the protection of the Great Wall" the Great Wall "does not change the original repair" principle, the public had to unhistorical department professional level a question mark, for this "destructive repair" hit a low score. According to the local cultural relics protection department said, a small estuary in the Great Wall before the repair has been seriously damaged, if not repair protection, not only the possible danger of collapse, the remaining half will be damaged and disappeared; some other section of the Great Wall is repaired, some reinforcement of different small estuary of the Great Wall is the "emergency repair type" at last, the effect of repair methods, natural and other sections of the Great Wall are different. This argument may be consistent with the actual situation, but also exposed the local cultural protection department laziness or dereliction of duty, since the other section of the Great Wall in the damage is not serious when it was repaired and reinforced, a small estuary why the Great Wall until serious damage, there are significant security risks, just think of the "emergency repair type"? In the common pursuit of economic benefits, the development efficiency of the moment, the news can be heard without end damage land acquisition, construction, cultural relics protection work is facing great difficulties. Cultural relics were destroyed, damaged to the developers, the construction team of hand, people have so unbearable, if damaged, the damage to the relics of the "own" hand, departments and professionals of the protection of cultural relics, there is undoubtedly more people with deep hatred and resentment hard. Long.相关的主题文章: