Ready to start! Within 24 hours of this phone straight down 100- Sohu Technology running man 20130908

Ready to start! Within 24 hours of this mobile phone straight down 100- Sohu as the first equipped with fingerprint recognition technology, the first battery capacity of more than 4000mAh, the first "red line" the metal body of the mobile phone, red rice Note3 with long life and high price are popular. September 22nd (tomorrow) 10 o’clock in the morning, red rice Note3 straight down by $100, from the sale of only $799, you echocardiography? Qualcomm snapdragon 650 processor with high performance, fingerprint recognition, high performance graphics processor, quickly feel more than seconds to open the application, grab a red envelope, watching videos, playing the game is fast enough. Allows you to feel agile in every operation. Dual channel memory, high performance graphics processor, so fast on the phone to accelerate, the flagship deserved. Qualcomm snapdragon 650 processor with 2 A72+4 A53 core, complex operation can be completely open, simple tasks for selective opening, more power. Adreno 510 graphics processor using Adreno 510 graphics processor, bringing a smooth game experience and add a delicate picture effects. Even playing gunfight, the need for speed and other large 3D games, the performance is still excellent. 2GB 3GB dual channel memory compared to single channel memory, dual channel memory for data transmission from the single lane into a two lane, will greatly enhance the transmission speed. 16GB 32GB mass storage faster eMMC 5 storage standard, allowing you to read data, more quickly. The new upgrade of the 16 million pixel high quality photosensitive element is the key to a good picture quality, dual ISP image processor super resolution capabilities to further improve the quality. The phase focusing technology there are from professional camera, just 0.1 seconds to capture the perfect, don’t miss every moment of happiness. There are 2 f large aperture new upgrade, and HDR, 12 different filters and HD video recording, you only need to press the shutter easily, ready to meet friends one after another good point! Arc fit hand edge, the arc transition metal cover to the front, not only looks natural, holding more fit the palm, not feel Luo hand. What, like nature itself. Deal with the metal and other materials of the joint, in the process of the special treatment of the edge structure, and take the special process for processing, shaping. Beauty is a kind of self-confidence, no matter how far or near. Support full Netcom Dual SIM card, faster 4G+ network than 4G, so this has been a near perfect red rice Note3 is almost flawless. You can upgrade to MIUI 8, the new operating experience and enjoy the carefree feeling. In September 22nd the mall millet millet home so the whole platform synchronized on sale, only 799 yuan.相关的主题文章: