Questions Related To Ceiling Fan Problems

Legal Ceiling fans can help you conserve energy at homes by reducing dependence on devices like air conditioners that consume more hungry. Therefore, it is important for one to have the correct size fan installed. This would not only avoid wastage of energy but also help in cooling the room correctly. However, there are few problems that homeowners have faced with these fans. These could relate to issues like misaligned or unbalanced fan blades that caused the fan to wobble. Or it could be a noisy fan problem that needed an anti-hum kit to control. Therefore, even though some of these problems can be cured easily, others might require a professional help. Below are answers to few of the more common questions about ceiling fan problems: While installing a fan in the ceiling, a person noticed that there were four wires coming out of the outlet. These included a red, black, white and a ground wire out of which, the black, white and the ground wire was inside the fan. How would he/she wire the red wire? The fan has a remote and can be controlled with a single switch. In this case, one would need to use a wire nut to remove the red wire. However, if the person wants to use the wall controls to control the fan and a light separately, he/she can use the wire nut afterwards. Usually, one would need a single feed with a remote. But, it is important for the wall switch to be kept on all the time. A persons Hunter ceiling fan stopped working after the batteries of the remote were replaced and the dip switches were cycled. He/she tried turning it on using the wall switch. However, even though it starts on a low speed after twelve minutes the fans speed increases on its own. How can this problem be fixed? It looks like the fan has a failing capacitor. One should therefore search for it above the light kit inside the fan. Once the kit is opened, there should be a square plastic component that one would need to look out for. If it seems to be out of shape due to heat, it would have to be replaced. He/she should leave a piece of the wires with the color on them, while replacing the component. This would help the person to easily connect the correct wires while installing. This is a link for an online supplier: A person wants to install a new ceiling fan instead of the old one. There is a red wire with a black and red wire twisted together in the old fan. However, the new one has a black and a white wire along with a combined black and white wire. There is also a green grounding wire. How to wire this? Usually, the black wire is meant to be for the fan, the black and white wire is for the light kit and the white wire indicates neutral. In this case, one would need to wire the black and the black and white together to receive power from the switch. Then, he/she should connect the black and the black and white to the red wire in the ceiling box. For the new switch, there are four slots for wires. However, a person who wants to change a switch for his/her ceiling fan has only purple, black and yellow wires. What shall one do? It looks like the person has a three speed switch for a fan that has only two speeds. In this case, the black wire signifies the L, while the other two wires need to be connected to the speed of the fan. It seems the other two wires are coming off the capacitor which is likely to be the little black box. A two speed switch, therefore, would be a better match for the fan configuration for the speeds in this case. One must remember that after one gets a new switch, the black wire would signify the L. Then to find out what the speeds are, one needs to touch the black to the other ones. 1 would indicate low speed and 2 would be for high. So his/her switch should have L, 1 and 2. First, one would need to find out the source if a fan wobbles. The person should turn off the power, check for any loose blade and screw and then tighten all the loose parts. After that, he/she should have the blades alignment checked by measuring the distance between the ceiling and each blade. In case, one of the blades is not aligned, the blade holder should be bent until it is aligned perfectly. A few stores stock clips can be attached to the blades to increase the weight if that process fails to work. Ultimately, one should use a ceiling fan brush which is particularly designed to clean the fan by removing any extra dust that might cause the wobble to occur. Ask an electrician if you need further help. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: