Parents send their children to the British boarding primary school every year 300 thousand figure

Parents send their children to the British boarding primary school every year 300 thousand figure?         March 21, 2015, Beijing, China International Education Exhibition Tour, a parent with a child to consult. Vision for China’s 9 year old Shanghai schoolchildren Wu Tian (a pseudonym), determined to go to the UK to continue their primary school. In April 2017, he will go to England to read the fifth grade, parents do not study, he choose a boarding. "It was my decision. I didn’t like the primary school my mother gave me." Wu day wearing a slim suit, like a gentleman, give yourself with a little bow, "I think in British schools more physical education". Wu will attend is a British School — Alder Ronaldo preparatory school, it is one of the UK’s nine school Chet Moorhouse college preparatory school, the primary school graduates, in addition to Chet Moorhouse public school, there are a lot of soup into Bridge college, Wellington college and other schools. In October 28th, the famous British nine school "primary school" together for the first time to interview straight strokes, Alder, a school preparatory school became popular. In the "not bad money" in the eyes of Chinese parents, children, the school is the most attractive place – Physical education. Groups of students to embrace the Wu day will join many overseas study in young children China camp. For people under the age of 18 to study the size of the population, the Ministry of Education Service Center said there is no relevant statistics. However, the scale of growth is positive. China Education Online released in October "China abroad development report 2016" pointed out that the Chinese younger students, the trend is clear, destination in the main stage of basic education English, Chinese students accounted for all ranked first in the stage of international students. Overall, foreign students in higher education is still the main population to go abroad, but the growing number of students of low age groups. The report quoted the British Independent Schools Council (ISC) said the data, Chinese primary and middle school students in UK is growing rapidly, 5602 people from 2419 in the academic year 2007~2008 to 2014~2015 year, representing an annual growth of 29.72%, accounting for all the English stage of international students 20.9%, ranked first. As early as the beginning of 2016, Shanghai citizens Ms. Yang took his son Wu Tian to the United Kingdom to study the field of the preparation of the Alder Luo school. It was a boy’s school, and she was impressed by an afternoon class". Every afternoon, the boys in this school can choose their favorite sports, participate in sports. The boys in the school dressing room performance, so Ms. Yang very much appreciated. She raised her voice to China Youth Daily, China Youth Online reporter, "the boys are very polite, change clothes, drink water, very good order. As they walk through the corridor, they will see if there is anyone behind, and someone will open the door to the people behind them." Ms. Liang has a son who is reading the preparatory class, and Ms. Yang, she also targeted the Al Pedro preparatory school. "I am not clever.相关的主题文章: