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Spirituality Many have heard of energy healing, but few have heard of energy healing in absentia. This is a form of energy healing that can be done from a distance. It is important for those who are unable to get to the practitioner of their choice, or for those who feel their energy fields have be.e particularly distorted or disrupted. Many patients suffering from cancer may choose to participate with an in absentia program because they are not able to visit the practitioner and he or she is not able to travel to the hospital. One of the most amazing forms of energy healing that utilizes the in absentia method is Tong Ren, which is a part of the Tom Tam form of energy healing. This form .bines acupuncture, Qi Gong and Tuina to achieve a holistic approach to healing that does not rely on chemicals or other traditionally western approaches to medicine. This method was developed over a period of 25 years by the founder, also named Tom Tam. Tong Ren utilizes a form of acupuncture applied to a small doll. This doll is attuned to the patients energy field and the practitioner is then able to transfer the energies from the doll to the patient over any length of distance. This method is not one that can be practiced without extensive training and understanding of the quantum flow of energy through the universe. There are seminars that take place on a regular basis throughout the year, but multiple years of practice are required before one can safely and effectively utilize this sort of distance energy healing. Tom Tam himself only became .fortable practicing the distant energy healing of Tong Ren after over 25 years of studying and practicing with those who maintain strong energy fields. If you are looking for a practitioner who is able to help you focus on the elimination of cancer from a distance through energy healing, Tong Ren is one of the best alternative methods available. Through a .bination of tools, the energy healer will focus on your acupuncture doll to help relieve your pain and shrink the tumor. One method that is used that is fairly unique to Tong Ren is a laser, which is used to apply heat to the tumor area. When this energy is transferred through the universe to your body, it will shrink the tumor by eliminating the energy on which it is feeding. There is also a plate, which requires a group of three experienced practitioners. These three will control the plate much like a Ouija board and manipulate it over your ouch point which is the part of your body that is causing the most pain. Tong Ren is not a method that can be applied by an individual on his or her own energy fields, as it was specifically designed to be used in absentia. So if you are looking for an healing quotes related to the singular use of this form, you will find none. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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Internet-and-Business-Online 10 REQUIRED WEBSITE COMPONENTS Be sure that you have the basics covered prior to launching a new web site or implementing new features to your website. Below are 10 basic components that every business website should have. This will ensure that your website has a solid foundation to build upon. 1. PAGE TITLES Every page on your website should include a title that describes the content on that page. This is important for search engine optimization, as one of the items that search engines considers when ranking your page is the page title. Also, having descriptive page titles will increase usability. Your visitors may have more than one web page open or decide to bookmark your page, therefore you want to ensure that your page title accurately reflects the content of the page. 2. META KEYWORDS Your web pages should include a "meta keyword" area that provides a listing of keywords that accurately describe of the content on the page. TIP: Select the keywords that you want the web page to rank for in search engine results. Although several of the top search engines are increasingly placing less importance on this area, there are still some secondary search engines that will consider your keyword listing when determining your search engine placement. The meta keywords statement is placed in the header area of your website. If you are working with a designer or webmaster, speak with them about updating this area. 3. META DESCRIPTION Your web pages should include a "meta description" area that provides search engines with an accurate description of the content on the page. Ensure that the meta description tags are descriptive, brief and contain your relative keywords. Some search engines will use the meta description tag to describe your site when it appears in search engine results. 4. PROFESSIONALLY DESIGNED WEB PAGES Reputable small business websites have attractive, well designed and well functioning user interfaces. Compare your website to the top websites of competing companies in your industry. If you do not feel that your website is professional or portrays an accurate representation of your brand, you should consider a redesign. Businesses with poorly designed or ineffective websites are often judged as unprofessional or untrustworthy. A small business website does not need to be overly designed or display all of the latest, hot new technologies, but you should ensure that your website does not convey an unprofessional image. Also, remember that professional designed pages should be properly coded (validated) and not include errors or other issues that will prevent the page from displaying properly and functioning as intended. 5. CONTACT FORM A contact link should be on every page of your website. You want to ensure that your visitors can contact you easily with their questions or comments. Keep the form simple. You will want to allow space for the visitor to input their feedback or question and you will also need a method for responding to them (their email address). If you include too many fields on the contact form, you may discourage the visitor from connecting with you. Only gather the information that you need to effectively answer their question or respond to their feedback. 6. EFFECTIVE NAVIGATION Is your website navigation effective? Your visitors should be able to quickly find the information they need without effort. When reviewing your navigation, ensure that the link titles are obvious. Try not to be too creative with the website navigation. The link titles used should reflect the terms that your customers use when describing your product or service. 7. WEBSITE ANALYTICS You should have access to your website statistics. I recommend that every small business website owner install Google Analytics on their website pages. The Google Analytics application provides detailed statistics on your website traffic. You will need this information as you monitor your website marketing efforts. Also, website analytics can reveal very helpful information about what’s working and (most importantly) what’s not working for people that visit your site. 8. CALL TO ACTION The average new website visitor remains on a site for less than 10 seconds. If you main objective is to gain new subscribers, sell more widgets or register more event attendees, allocate a prominent area on your website to display your "call to action". This is the area where you are asking your visitors to "do something". Be sure to indicate the benefit of taking this action; don’t simply demand that they "buy now", "subscribe now" or "attend this event". Indicate a few brief benefits to taking the action and also provide a link to provide more detail about the product, service or event. 9. CUSTOMER FOCUSED CONTENT Ensure that you are providing the information that your customers want and need in a clear and concise manner. The average new website visitor remains on a site for less than 10 seconds. You don’t have much time to convince visitors to buy a product or service, subscribe to a newsletter or attend an event. Visitors that are new to your site should be able to determine who you are and what’s service/product or information you’re providing in less than 10 seconds. If the navigation area is effective, they should be able to access all of the supporting information that they will need to make a decision on whether to continue a business relationship with you and your company. 10. A METHOD FOR STAYING CONNECTED If you have a business website, you will need a method for staying connected to people that want to be notified of product/service specials, new company news, upcoming events and other changes relevant to your business. There are many methods for building a listing of people that want to stay informed about your business. Two popular options are RSS feeds and email newsletters. You can use either tool to build a listing of customers and potential customers that want to learn more about your service. This strategy also increases your repeat visitor rate, as you will have an opportunity to call previous visitors back to your website. Be sure to inform your visitors regarding how often they can expect to hear from you (ex: monthly, daily, weekly, or as new information comes in). Also be sure to explicitly indicate if you have any plans to redistribute their email addresses for other purposes or to other companies (NOT recommended). 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Food-and-Drink Barbecue and smoking aficionado who are fond of cooking their smoked food just like in the restaurant chooses Bradley Smokers. What makes Bradley smoker different from the regular smokers is its maintenance, easy operation and running expenses. When the Bradley Smoker starts to smoke the person can now focus to his or her other activities and just leave the smoker while it’s cooking. After a few hours you can check the smoker if the food is ready and take pleasure in a delectable feast. Once you are finished using the smoker the maintenance is simple and does not require a lot of time. The profits of Bradley Smoker Bisquettes The Bradley smoker uses wide mixtures of wood bisquettes which .es in different flavors for example hickory, mesquite and apple. These wood bisquettes are ideal for instilling wonderful aroma and taste in vegetables, seafood and meat. These are the added essential benefits when using Bradley Smoker Bisquettes. – Excellent Smoke: The flavored bisquettes of Bradley Smoker doesn’t incinerate and turn into ashes. An obvious difference in the result occurs when dusts or chippings are burn down that releases smoke in the conventional burn boxes. Traditional methods can provide a harsh or bitter taste to the smoked food if not cautiously controlled. – Calm and Cool Constant Smoke: When the bisquettes are loaded in the Bradley smoker it is able to generate continuous smoke for 8 hours with no problems that are related to different draft since the wind force and course changes randomly. The Bradley flavored bisquettes produces smoke in the midst of stability and certainty. Key Characteristics of Bradley Smoker (Review) The Bradley Smoker is not painted rather its exterior is .pletely covered with insulated powder steel. In this way it prevents the paint from peeling, rusting or fading to occur which makes this equipment very efficient and last longer. The interior of the insulated body is covered with aluminum that prevents the occurrence of rust and corrosion. It has four (4) stainless and rust free 11 by 15 inches nickel plated cooking racks. Furthermore, this smoker has a spacious area for smoking big amount of food with an area of 572 square inches with a cooking temperature of 140oF to 320oF (60C to 160C). A head slide switch is used for controlling the preferred temperature and an integrated temperature gauge for temperature monitoring. Also, a lifetime warranty is provided. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: