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One hundred points of love may not be the best attention to the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: the story will be too much remember seeing a star visit, she spoke about her to have a single reason: she fell in love with a person would be too much investment, finally scare each other, I love him, but always unable to calm down to enjoy love. Try and do not like the people together but did not feel, so many years have to be single. Often people ask me how to get along with their loved ones, why pay a lot of their own, very good for him, in the end how to do to make each other happy? People with different personalities, patterns can not be generalized. Most people are unhappy because you don’t know how to control, optionally pay, causing increased appetite, once the day a little slack, will become your own mistakes. There is nothing wrong with people, only moderate control will have good results. A good person, not like a downpour pounced on him, so will only be soaked through each other, may be infected with a cold. The most comfortable rain is drizzle, just feel the air is dry, little rain fell in the hair on the skin also don’t feel abrupt, but enjoy as if it were malt sugar. A lot of people in love before the storage of the energy of the whole body, just waiting for a suitable person, all spilled. A wise man will not wait to sway those energy out into a tube of toothpaste, only a little squeeze out enough. More useless, not only waste, but also raise the appetite of the other side, the result can only be wronged. Ever heard of such a couple, the wife loves her husband very much, get up early every day to prepare breakfast for her husband, a good shirt, buy food, cooking and washing dishes are all pro. Her husband lived like a carefree life, every day is to read the newspaper, watching TV, even the phone is too lazy to pick up. In fact, she is also a member of the office workers, very little spare time every day, she devoted all her time to the "good" on the matter. Once, she accidentally broke his leg, to rest in bed, the burden of life suddenly landed on her husband. The first few days he was confident that his chest is no problem, just bored backache tempers began a few days, even complained that his wife should not accidentally injured. Wife sad to cry in bed, so many years of his little bit of good, not only did not get him a little treasure, but bring a meal to complain, this is her love caused by the sad ending downpour. Of course, it is difficult to fall in love with the rational control of their own, often do things that are willing to do with the accident. But if you raise the appetite for love, there will always be your day. So, it is suggested that each in love people to restrain their passions, even if he is you a lifetime of love could not be extreme, don’t indulge themselves in order to avoid fraternity factor, finally harvest sad and depressed. Maugham’s short story "the Casuarina tree", there is such a description, middle-aged woman betrayed her husband suffered crisis, she is very hate, because her husband is not in love with frivolous girl, but with a ratio)相关的主题文章: