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Obama Putin call to discuss Syria crisis   emphasize their claims – International – people.com.cn people.com.cn February 15, according to British media reports, the White House on Sunday (14 days) said in a statement, Obama and Putin call to discuss Syria ceasefire. Obama urged Putin to stop air strikes against Syria. Moscow Kremlin’s statement said that Putin on the phone, emphasizes the establishment of a "common front against terrorism", in The Pentagon and the Russian Defense Ministry established the importance of the relationship. The White House statement said that the telephone discussion was carried out on the 13 day, during which Obama said that humanitarian aid should be sent to the besieged area of Syria as soon as possible. The White House statement said that Obama stressed the importance of Russia’s cessation of air strikes in Syria, the moderate opposition forces and the constructive role played by russia. A statement from Moscow Kremlin said that the telephone discussions between Putin and Obama were first proposed by the United states. On the 12 day, the participants in the Munich conference agreed that Syria would stop hostilities within a week". But Syria’s opposition accuses Russia of continuing air raids on civilian areas. Russia says Syria air strikes began in September last year to crack down on extremist groups. But the West accuses Russia of targeting rebels. (Lao ren) 奥巴马普京电话商讨叙利亚危机 各自强调其主张–国际–人民网 人民网2月15日电 据美英媒体报道,白宫周日(14日)发表声明说,奥巴马和普京电话讨论叙利亚停火问题。奥巴马敦促普京停止空袭叙利亚反对力量。 克里姆林宫的声明则说,普京在电话中强调了建立“打击恐怖主义共同阵线”、在五角大楼和俄国国防部建立工作关系的重要性。 白宫的声明称,电话讨论是13日进行的,其间奥巴马说,需要尽快将人道救援物资送入叙利亚被围困的地区。白宫声明说,奥巴马强调了俄国停止空袭叙利亚温和反对力量、发挥建设性作用的重要性。 克里姆林宫发表的声明中说,普京和奥巴马之间的电话商讨是美国方面首先提出的。 12日,慕尼黑会议的参会国一致同意,叙利亚一周内在全国范围停止“敌对行动”。但是叙利亚反对派指责俄国仍在继续空袭平民地区。俄国表示,去年九月开始的叙利亚空袭行动是为了打击极端组织。不过西方指责俄国的目标是反政府武装。(老任)相关的主题文章: