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Travel-and-Leisure When you’re looking for a vacation spot many people in the know go to the New Forest National Park because of the many different kinds of cottages and other attractions the destination has to offer that appeal to all age groups. New Forest cottages can be quite charming in there own way, some will be able to take you back to yesteryear with quaint thatched roofs that were .mon centuries ago, long before modern construction methods came to the fore. These will add to the idea and sense of history that you’ll feel when you stay in the forest as you get the chance to enjoy all the different local attractions on offer and the convenience of the different styles of cottage type ac.modation there is to choose from. Villages And Towns Even though there are 40 villages and towns from which to make a choice, it is suggested that you don’t wait too long before you start the selection process because the ac.modation that suits you perfectly will also be attractive to others as well. Staying in New Forest cottages is a very popular pastime for families and couples alike especially in the summer season so it is literally a case of first .e first served. One of the reasons cottages are so popular is undoubtedly the selection. Remember that while many of the choices that you’ll .e across will be adjacent to larger buildings, just as many will also have private gardens that are often secluded and well landscaped offering an outstanding setting for relaxed family moments or a romantic break with a loved one. The overall selection of holiday properties available for rent is such that if seclusion is not to your liking, you can look in the many towns and villages both in and around the forest for something more suitable with a more buoyant and lively atmosphere. Holiday Cottages Many of the holiday cottages in the area .e fully equipped so that you won’t need to think of anything more than your own vacation plans, although it is always best to check the full inventory with the owner or booking agents just to be on the safe side. Some favourites to look out for include: Hucklesbrook Farm Cottages These are located on a family farm where the ponies will run free to the delight of your children. It’s even possible for you to leave the farm here and take a short drive to the beaches of the southern coast. Waterfall Cottage Maybe you’re looking for something a little more spacious and scenic. This larger cottage that was built in 1840 is in the middle of the National Park. Self catering on the weeks and weekends, this luxurious cottage is only an hour and a half from London. Other choices that are self catering include Sunset Place and Dahlia Cottage to name but a few. .ing to the New Forest for a vacation is an excellent idea made all the more attractive by the great selection of New Forest Cottages there are to choose from. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: