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The new function of appearance can brush millet MIX subway. – Sohu [news] Chinese digital mobile phone millet and millet MIX Note 2 look amazing enough, but millet gives the two new flagship "black" technology is also more than that. Yesterday, @ millet announced that the payment of Beijing municipal traffic card Note2 millet and millet MIX line. Millet pay micro-blog millet said that as long as the user to upgrade to the latest version of the MIUI system and the development of stable version, you can open the Beijing bus card in millet wallet. With the support of these two new devices, millet bus card support models have reached 6, there will be more support for the city will be on the line later. September 1st this year, millet and China UnionPay launched millet payment. Millet pay the bright spot is that, in addition to supporting 20 banks credit card and debit card, but also as a city card used to ride the bus, subway use. At the same time, millet 5 is the first to support the payment of millet flagship. However, back to the bus card, the current millet MIX and millet Note 2 only supports Beijing card. Due to the convenience of supporting the function of the traffic card, a lot of rice outside Beijing are also eagerly looking forward to experience this feature, millet you see the voice of the people?相关的主题文章: