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Womens-Issues Whether you are a man or a woman, it is normal to undergo mood changes, depending on the situation at hand. However, women often go through hormonal changes, and these hormonal changes can make them feel invincible at times, and hopeless during other times. Thus, when it comes to promoting effective women’s health and wellness, it is important to note that music can do wonders for a woman’s mood. The Effect Classical Music has on Women’s Health and Wellness Has anyone ever stopped to wonder why classical music is often played at upper-end stores and restaurants? No, it is not just an indication of a status symbol, but rather it is to promote relaxation and a pleasurable dining or shopping experience. Classical music also does wonders for women in the workplace or attending an academic institution. It serves as the ideal background music for someone who is getting some paperwork done, or for someone who is studying. Classical music’s main contribution to women’s health and wellness is that because it is mostly instrumental music in repetitious rhythms, it can soothe the mind without distracting a woman from what she needs to get done at the same time. Popular Music and Women’s Health and Wellness As wonderful as classical music is for those who want to de-stress, popular music is ideal for women who just want to let their worries fade away through a song with a good beat. For those women who need a quick way to take their mind off of their troubles for a bit, try turning on the radio to a popular music station that has a dance song on. Then, just let loose and dance around, or maybe even sing (this should be done in moderation if the woman is at work!). Women’s Health and Wellness and the Virtuoso For those women who are lucky enough to be able to play a musical instrument, there is no better way to de-stress than by composing a song or just sitting down and playing the instrument for a while. This is not only a great way to let out some anger, frustration, or any other emotion that is affecting the woman, it is also a wonderful way to creatively de-stress. Music is About Choices Whether a woman decides to go to a concert, listen to music on a radio, or play her own music, she should recognize that music is about so much more than entertainment. Music is a healthy and creative way to express emotions that might not be as easily expressed otherwise. Thus, women of all ages and backgrounds should embrace the healing powers of music. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: