Multi sector real name system integration of information sharing during the first half of the 2 bill windjview

Multi sector real name system integration of information sharing during the first half of the 2 billion 400 million data "errands" on the road to Hefei in September 15, Xinhua (reporter Chen Nuo) "is making data errands, fewer people to run away" has become a reality for sharing information resources of multi department real name. Only in the first half of 2016, the Ministry of public security for the Supreme People’s court, the people’s Bank of China, China Railway Corporation and other units to provide identity verification services 2 billion 400 million passengers. Reporters from the real name system information held in Anhui Hefei recently fast query of cooperative law enforcement work of the seminar was informed that in 5 years, the information sharing between government departments more closely, among them, the Ministry of public security by the people’s Bank of China accumulated 24 national commercial banks (including 10000 outlets) provides 20 billion times the verification service. In 2011, the Ministry of Public Security jointly with the Supreme People’s court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and other 15 departments jointly signed documents, government departments and social service industry to establish all kinds of real name system service information as an important information source of cooperation in law enforcement work, and gradually realize the government information system network connection and data sharing. At present, the central level has 24 departments involved in this work. The Ministry of science and Technology Information Bureau of the person in charge, in recent years, through data sharing, the public security organs to get a variety of citizens’ real name system data, a significant improvement in the service of the masses, the fight against crime, public security, administrative work in the ability to perform their duties. As in the pursuit of work, it is widely used in railway, civil aviation, data provided by the bank. The Department of the public security organs through illegal funds check and control platform can quickly query the relevant account information, which greatly facilitated the case handling. At the same time, in accordance with the principle of win-win cooperation, the Ministry of public security also uses its own development and management of the basic information system for the population to provide a large number of information services. Only the first half of 2016, the Ministry of public security to provide verification of the national population and two national vehicle information and data transmission services for the national organization code Center, the 12306 railway ticketing website 10 social units, 130 million times daily. National identity card number of civil service center with the implementation of micro blog users real name system, a total of five years to provide information to check the service 815 million times, 625 million times to provide the real name authentication service for hundreds of online games operators. (end)相关的主题文章: