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Computers-and-Technology At the 2004 WWDC, the Tiger operating system was launched and Apple positioned itself as the innovator in computers putting up banners of Mac OS Tiger that read "Redmond, start your photocopiers". A jibe aimed at Microsoft and their perceived lack of imagination. Next years WWDC may well see banners from Cupertino saying "Google, start your photocopiers", as Google in partnership with Verizon announce, following their success in smart mobile phones with the Android Operating System, they are to rival the iPad. Google Android platform has been a huge success for Verizon, matching the iPhone share of the market in the States. Following on from the ‘Nexus One’, the proposed Google Tablet will see Mountain View making further strides into the hardware market. In July 2009 Google announced details of the Google Chrome Operating System, an extension to their browser Chrome known for speed in handling javascript. However, at present Android OS is the choice for Google’s forthcoming Tablet Pc. The shift of Google from open source software and Internet search to hardware manufacturer promotes a further extension of their brand. One of Google’s key battlegrounds in the past has been the desktop vs. the Internet. The release of a online version of Microsoft Office shows just how successfully they have fought this battle and the foresight they showed. Google, with Chrome OS, have promised a reinvention of the operating system from those designed in a era before the web. Through Android, Google has established their brand as a real force within the computing industry and the Chrome OS will see a continuation of that. Initially aimed at Netbooks, the Tablet PC, which is more associated with screen reading and Internet surfing, may eventually prove to be a better fit. Google have indicated that their new tablet will support Adobe Flash, which will be good news for the large community of flash developers online. Steve Jobs was recently quoted as saying that Adobe Flash was "buggy and caused crashes" pointing to HTML5 as the future platform for graphics and typography. Amazon continues to market the Amazon Kindle as a cheaper alternative screen reader to the iPad. The market leader in Smart Phones RIM (Blackberry) are rumoured to be planning a 8.9 inch Slate with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Nokia are said to be developing a Tablet e-reader. Hewlett-Packard is buying Palm, amidst reported plans to produce WebOS tablets to rival the iPad. Dell, (who Steve Jobs once described their products as "un-innovative beige boxes"), has shown a prototype device with a 5-inch screen. Meanwhile Microsoft are said to be considering a number of options having produced a prototype dual screen booklet called Courier that had the techs drooling. Whats clear is rivals to Apple have learnt their lesson from the iPhone and are keen not to let Apple gain such a head start in Tablet PC market. However the iPad already has over 150000 apps due to its compatibility with both iTouch and iPhone and may prove extremely difficult to catch. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: