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Security There are numerous stories all over the internet about "how to make money online" or "start your own web business". Actually if you searched Google for those terms I doubt you could even go through the amount of results in your entire lifetime. Now whether any of these methods works or not is irrelevant. Without a web-host and a free SSL certificate, you will be hard pressed to make any sales at all. First off, many do not even know what an SSL certificate is. Anytime a purchase transaction is done on the internet, it is transmitted over a publicly viewable connection. This means it is possible for someone to intercept the transmission and view (read: steal) the contents without anyone knowing this is being done. For obvious reasons, anyone selling items on the internet who allows their customers credit card numbers, addresses, and personal information to be stolen would not be in business long. Well, that and be.e the target of numerous impossible to defend lawsuits. The solution to this issue is knowing where to get a cheap SSL certificate online, or taking advantage of a free SSL certificate. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This creates an encrypted session during transmission which ensures the integrity of transmitted data. Your SSL certificate is installed directly on the server, which then operates in the background. So now that you know what a certificate is, the next question where to get a cheap SSL certificate online? To answer this question, you have to know that there are free SSL certificates, and those that you pay for. A free SSL certificate is usually bundled with other web software that you need to operate your web business, or are often given away with the purchase of a yearly web-server contract. Now, assuming that you do not need any software, or already have that part covered, it .es down to price. Discovering where to get a cheap SSL certificate online by searching is the best option. As with all online services, shopping around is key to saving money. If it makes sense, take advantage of any free offers you can find. If that does not make sense, then shop around to various vendors to find the best deal on SSL for your website. They are quite easy to find using simple search terms in Google. Just realizing that you can achieve significant discounts through searching will save you a ton of money. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: