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Automobiles Mitsubishi Pajero Diesel: Challenging Rover And Cruiser Ever since, its debut in Dacar Rally Mitsubishi Pajero has proved its mettle as a reliable and sturdy off road vehicle. It always featured all the modern equipment that a luxury contemporary automobile can have but third generation Pajero distinguished itself from its predecessors by directly challenging top of the line Land Rover"s Range Rover and Toyota"s Land Cruiser. Many motorsport magazines and automobile reviewers ruled out Mitsubishi"s attempt to position Pajero as an up scale SUV but time has proved that Mitsubishi made tremendous improvements in bringing luxurious feel and styling to all of its automobiles and especially Pajero, which has be.e .pany"s flagship. Additionally, Mitsubishi increased engine capacities in more recent models to .pete with slightly bigger Rover and Cruiser. The 3.2 litre diesel engine introduced in 2010 increased torque, max speed and towing capacities of three and five door Pajero. Among all the attributes, towing capacity is given more consideration among trucks and off roaders. Mitsubishi"s new 3.2 litre engine increased towing capacity to 3000KG from 2800 KG for its 3 door Pajero and for 5 door model this capacity was increased from 3300KG to 3500KG. Despite the increased horsepower and increased towing abilities, .pany claims that fuel emissions of Pajero has decreased and current engine is more economical to run and maintain .pared to its predecessor; the 2012 Mitsubishi Pajero diesel engine is touted to do 100 Km in 8.4 liters. Looking back at some older engine models of Pajero can create better understanding of the progress that Mitsubishi made in engine development. 4M40 T Engine; it was 2.8 litre turbo charged Intercooler diesel engine, produced through 1994 to 1997. 4M40 TE Engine; this was another 2.8 litre turbo charged Intercooler diesel engine with EFI technology. It was produced from 1997 to 2000. Apart from incorporating changes in engine capacities, Mitsubishi widened range of Pajero models and now includes GL, GLX, GLS, VRX and Exceed into the lineup. GL is the most basic model with limited options and lowest price where as exceed and VRX are top of the line offerings with all the options included by default. Top of the line models include features like thicker wind shields, advanced navigation systems, traction control along with parking sensors and much more. Pajero has truly lived up to Mitsubishi"s dream of offering more than a mere SUV. Though its offerings are lofty and bring it into upscale SUV category but .peting against iconic models like Rang Rover and Land Cruiser is a tough job for any contender. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: