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Milk prices to fight the Mid Autumn Festival   part of the milk back to the era of one yuan – Finance – People’s original title: milk prices to fight the price war to greet the Mid Autumn Festival part of the milk to return to the era of one yuan, dairy farming loss of more than 50%." This is the true portrayal of China’s dairy industry, the dairy industry has been included in the list of "high-risk" industries, and dairy price war seems to be a normal. Recently, the Securities Daily reporters walked into the Ginza, Shandong, Weifang supermarket, dairy products occupy most of the food and beverage display position. On the mid autumn season, milk prices have played a promotional advertising: half price sale, buy send. In this regard, although consumers for dairy enterprises happiness within, but behind the price war, only loss and helplessness. Part of the milk back to the era of one dollar is a high price to buy foreign raw milk, the other side is weak dairy market sales. It is hard to imagine, in a relative lack of milk in the country, the dairy industry, like the steel industry, ushered in the era of excess capacity. According to the Securities Daily reporters survey, in the Ginza supermarket, all milk prices are involved in the Mid Autumn Festival discount sales activities. Among them, all products sold three shares at a discount, three yuan whole milk price 78 yuan promotional price of 52 yuan box, box, a box price of 26 yuan; three yuan original price 62.04 yuan of milk nutrition Shu release box, box 39 yuan sell now three yuan; green milk price 68 yuan box, price 33.9 yuan the box, each box half price. In addition, Huishan Wolingka Russian fermented milk price 66 yuan box, price 33 yuan a box, 12 boxes of Huishan on sale; 250 ml of pure milk sold only 16.9 yuan, an average of 1.4 yuan per box, even less than the average price of high pure water. In order to promote sales, businesses can be used to say. Erie on a shelf hit the gun grab the word, 16 boxes of 240 ml of pure milk Yili sell only $29.76. In the dream of cattle area, keep track of new price 57 yuan box Mengniu, the current price of 39.9 yuan to buy a box of Deluxe Box; minus 10 yuan; the dream of cattle selected pure milk to buy a box of minus 20 yuan. It is worth noting that a lot of bagged milk has returned to the era of one yuan: Erie paper packaging of pure milk 1.86 yuan bags, plastic bags of pure milk bags of 1.6 yuan. Similarly, Mengniu bagged pure milk retail price of 1.69 yuan bag. "Securities Daily" the reporter found that, in the price war, imports of dairy products can not be an exception. Singapore Greenfields Lvtian source pure milk price of 66 yuan box, but also send another old mobile phone; Niushi LAN 10 box of 250 ml of pure milk is only 29.9 yuan, that is to say, a box of pure milk imported from overseas Chinese only 2.99 yuan. Examples of 12 boxes of 200 ml be too numerous to enumerate, low-fat milk price of 39.9 Yuan Da; dawn’s love of milk box price 17.8 yuan, 10.9 yuan price of whole milk box; Jason price 13.9 yuan box price 23.8 yuan box. In addition, liquid milk, milk beverage products, low-temperature pasteurized milk sales prices also abound)相关的主题文章: