Men back to the new year’s Eve, who quarrel with his wife, throwing his wife and children high speed-mkdv-02

The man who’s home for the new year’s Eve to quarrel with his wife and will throw the highway on the frequent quarrel couple abandoned the vehicle traffic police reminded: don’t lose temper in the Changjiang Daily News (reporter correspondent Wei Na Xu Li on the way to new year’s Eve Zhang Si) who’s home, the couple quarrel on the highway, the husband angrily abandoned the car and left, his wife and children sitting in the car with double flash at a loss. Yesterday, this scene took place in Han Hong highway. Reporters from the provincial high-speed police department was informed that, even the day to have occurred more than a couple quarrel abandoned the car at high speed event. 6, 11 pm, a car parked in the Han Hong highway 20 km +600 meters, the driver disappeared, the Caidian provincial police brigade police found, the rear also sat a woman and a child of eight or nine years old. The woman face resentment, unwilling to ignore the traffic police. Repeatedly asked, said her husband drove away out of the car because of a quarrel. Originally, her husband and her family lived in Hankou, in the 2 New Year’s Eve to Hannan, who’s home and a quarrel, the husband angrily parking, walk forward, ignoring his wife and children. Not only wait for her husband drove his wife. Police immediately drove for the husband to wife and son lee. In the police persuasion mediation, two couples agreed to talk, think of a best of both worlds, a happy year. Yesterday morning, there is also a similar scene in the two high-speed wide Jingzhou section, a Shaanxi citizen card car parked in the emergency Lane in modern Jishan District export service not far, only open the double flash, the car is not placed warning triangle, there is a big security risk in the high speed. The police came to see, found the car was empty. The police check the car platform basic information on the police, a man ran over, said he and his wife just quarreled, wife angrily asked to stop, went to the rear of the service area. The man didn’t even pull the car keys, and ran to the service area to catch a daughter-in-law. The man’s parents received a letter, a car to pick up her daughter rushed to the service area from home. Police remind the home New Year reunion, on the road to self willed. Whether it is the driver or passengers on the road, please keep calm and rational attitude. Not because of temporary gas due to safety is too late to regret, the nearest way home. Editor: Chen Yan SN225

男子为除夕夜回谁家与妻子吵架 将妻儿扔高速   高速公路上频现 吵架弃车夫妻   交警提醒:别在路上耍脾气   长江日报讯(记者魏娜 通讯员徐莉 张思)为了除夕夜回谁家,夫妻在高速公路上吵起来,丈夫一气之下弃车离开,妻子和孩子坐在车里打着双闪不知所措。昨日,这样一幕发生在汉洪高速公路上。记者从省高速警察处获悉,连日来已经发生多起夫妻在高速上吵架弃车事件。   6日11时许,一辆小车停在汉洪高速公路20公里+600米处,司机不见踪影,省高警蔡甸大队民警发现,后排还坐着一位妇女和一个八九岁的孩子。女子一脸怨气,不愿理会交警。再三询问,才说开车的丈夫因为吵架弃车离开了。原来,她的公公婆婆家住汉口,而她的娘家在汉南,2人为了除夕夜回谁家而大吵一架,丈夫一气之下,停车徒步前行,不理会妻儿。不会开车的妻子只能原地等待丈夫。   民警立刻驱车寻找,将其丈夫李某送至妻儿身边。在民警规劝调解下,夫妻二人答应好好商量,想一个两全其美的方案,过一个开开心心的年。   昨日凌晨,在二广高速荆州段也出现类似一幕,一辆陕西籍现代牌小车停在纪山服务区出口不远处的应急车道上,仅开启了双闪灯,车后未放置三角警示牌,在黑夜的高速上有很大安全隐患。民警上前查看,发现车内竟然空无一人。就在民警通过警用平台查询该车基本信息时,一男子气喘吁吁跑过来,称自己刚和妻子吵架了,妻子一气之下要求停车,跑到了后方的服务区。该男子连车钥匙也没拔,回身跑到服务区去追媳妇。该男子的岳父母接到信,驱车从家里赶到服务区来接走女儿。   民警提醒,过年回家团圆,路上切莫任性。无论是驾驶人还是乘车人,在路上都请保持平和理性心态。莫因为逞一时之气而导致追悔莫及,安全才是回家最近的路。 责任编辑:陈琰 SN225相关的主题文章: