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Alternative Homeopathic Materia Medica entails the collection of the signs, symptoms, causation, modalities and sources of various homeopathic drugs. Fragmenta de Viribus Medicamentorum Positivis In Sano Corpora Humano Observatis was the very first materia medica published by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. He presented a compilation of the signs and symptoms produced by 27 drugs in various provers including himself. Apart from Dr. Hahnemann, many other pioneers of Homeopathy like Boenninghausen, Boericke, Lippe, Kent, Boger, Hering, Phatak, etc. wrote extensive books. Each author had his own, distinct and unique style of writing and presentation of drugs. Each book provided a different approach to studying the materia medica. Today, there are thousands of books out of which a mere handful are affirmed as authentic and well-resourced. However, the figure mere still entails more than 100 books that ideally need to be referred for study as well as clinical prescription. Is it possible then, to look through these many books in a short span of time? The answer is YES!!! The latest version of Hompath aids in navigating to ANY section of ANY remedy from ANY book within seconds. It is the most definitive materia medica software today. Switching between remedies and books has never been this simpler. Leave the mundane task of searching and sorting to Hompaths materia medica software. Just reap the benefits of economizing on time, smart learning and targeted prescription. The materia medica software section in Hompath boasts of 109 such treasured books describing the characteristics of more than 1900 remedies in Homeopathy. How can you possibly go wrong when you have such a powerful tool at your fingertips? A powerhouse of universal homeopathic information, Hompaths materia medica software has literature from authors all over the globe, both ancient and present-day. Hompath has pooled the resources of 74 world-class authors to create a library that is worth its weight in gold. Not only does the materia medica software have homoeopathic remedies described in an exhaustive capacity, but even Biochemic remedies and Bach Flower remedies have been given due importance. Moreover, it is now possible to search for ANY remedy through the specially created Materia Medica Search, without opening even a single book. And once the physician has narrowed down his similimum to a few remedies, Hompaths materia medica software helps to Compare instantly the features of the shortlisted remedies from any book. For those physicians who believe in quick prescribing, Hompaths materia medica software has compiled its own set of authenticated Keynotes for over 1500 remedies. This immense list includes not only the commonly used, well-proved remedies, but rare remedies with very limited literature have been dealt with in detail in the software. Features of remedies like Chocolate, Ozone, Caesium, etc., that cannot be found easily elsewhere have been explained extensively here. The Keynotes of Hompath give the physician an overall view of the most important aspects of the homeopathic remedy to make a quick, yet targeted prescription within minutes. This enables the physician to get a definite edge over the others in terms of accuracy, speed and fineness. What more does a conscientious physician want in his practice? And what about those times when time is of the utmost importance, and the physician has to prescribe instantly? Hompath has the answer! The Clinical Tips feature of Hompaths materia medica software empowers the physician to prescribe in a matter of seconds. Hompath provides over 3000 concise, bang-on one-liners for various clinical conditions, sourced from the stalwarts and contemporary physicians of Homeopathy. Now the physician can prescribe on-the-go without wasting even a single second! The latest version of Hompath provides more than just books on materia medica. It gives you the means to be a confident prescriber, an avid learner and a world-class health professional. Get Hompath! Create your own success stories! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: