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M.A.C color magic to create playful staged party MAC 2016 NUTCRACKER SWEET limited Nutcracker products conference who create color can not be happy? Who says children cannot show the charm? Makeup authority MAC charm can be used to invite you to a sweet color fairy tale world, together with pure magic to witness the infinite magic! In November 4th, in this magical wonderland, to join the party with wonderful playful, you will be in this magical kingdom, feel the color and make-up of pleasure and beauty. The pointer M.A.C M.A.C M.A.C M.A.C Conference Series Nutcracker Christmas Nutcracker Christmas series conference empty picture M.A.C M.A.C Nutcracker Christmas series conference site when time pointing to the empty scene at 19:00 on November 4th, the moment is plated on the sweet fantasy color. This is a fairy tale from the moon, the guests on the Wonderland moment will be kicked off, thus leave, carry out a period of several hours of fantasy trip. Shuttle in the crowd, in addition to the distinguished media friends and VIPs, as well as playing the role of a fairy tale dancers, they will run through the audience, for the guests to bring more immersive wonderful experience. On the way to a fantastic stage, guests can taste tea and wine and delicious sweet fairy tale world, and in this film is full of playful color of the country, with unforgettable images for your camera. In addition, in the region of the station is also eye-catching make-up attractive, guests can not only created a favorite makeup for themselves, can feel the pleasure and satisfaction of cosmetics. M.A.C M.A.C Nutcracker Christmas series of conference guests experience the product of M.A.C M.A.C series DIY Nutcracker Christmas cookies conference guests in the middle of the field, stands a dazzling big Christmas tree, hundreds of nutcracker delicate and lovely hanging on it, calling every guest childlike heart, and the surrounding atmosphere of joy intertwined together, let a person feel like the moment will be able to travel to the "Nutcracker" happy Christmas Eve go in the atmosphere. And all this is just a Fantasy Overture, also staged wonderful. M.A.C M.A.C Conference Series Nutcracker Christmas Christmas tree M.A.C M.A.C Nutcracker Christmas series conference Nutcracker doll remember the handsome prince what childhood fairy tales? Remember the sweet sugar plum fairy? And the funny dancing mother ginger…… They will go through the fairy tale to your side, with a happy dance, for the guests to weave a happy fairy tale dream. In this sweet dream, we finally ushered in the climax of the fantasy Party: familiar with the classic music sounded, the protagonist of the fairy tale jumped onto the stage, rotating, dancing, pleasant breath instantly filled the audience. For a time, no one can be sure, whether this is a false dream or reality stage? Perhaps, only those who like the icing on the cake out of one color will tell you, who is hiding in the side! M.A.C M.A.C Nutcracker Christmas series conference dancer photo M..相关的主题文章: